Destroy base in 11:00 when Raid Time 17:00 - 23:00

**Game mode: Online official
*Type of issue: Bug
**Server type: PvP
**Region: EU

https:// pastenow. ru/7R0YQ - my base destroyed in 11:00
https:// pastenow. ru/7R13Q - this Thrall
https:// pastenow. ru/7R15H - this players
https:// pastenow. ru/7R178 - what happened:
~ “Tramp” destroys the block “Sandstone Doorway” owner “It’s me come” ~

Thralls can destroy buildings in any time?
Raid Time: 17-23. But someone in 11:00 destroy my base and stole all items. How and why?
In second screenshot this NPC, who can destroy base. He’s stay on Supermeru.

not sure whether this has to be hidden but yeah, there is a group of npcs which have the same mechanics as the purge ones and able to bypass the restrictions :confused: needs to be fixed

Are you sure that 11:00 to you is 11:00 to the server? All officials have their raid time set as 17:00-23:00 in the settings, but depending on where the server is located it may not be your 17:00-23:00, even though it shows the local time in your event log.

I had a similiar issue, I got some answers here

A good way of checking the raid time on your server, and I apologize that I don’t remember the thread I read this in nor the user that posted it, is using a thrall. At the start of raid time and before the end, if you hit one of your thralls, you will damage them. Outside of raid hours you will not. So if, at 11:00 you can damage your thrall, it will give you a hint as to when raid time starts on your server.

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