PVP Official Server 1592


This server has horrendous lag spikes that can last anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour and you can do nothing in that time. Devs please open a case with g portal to investigate this server’s performance. Thank you.

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It is normal and not a server issue. I have check 7 officials EU servers to find one to play and it is always the same, too many massives structures, impossible to raid and that lag the server. On one server ping go up to 300 when close to one building.

The solution is to wipe servers every fews months and to limit building pieces per clan (like thralls). You do not need to have a base 10 times what you really need! + add a decay system like in RUST that it cost you 10% of the base materials every day to prevent decay.

It is simple …

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This is the only official server I have ever played on that does this. It is not your standard lag from excess building blocks when you get too close. It effects everyone on the server and lasts much longer.

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