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It seems this last update has tanked pvp pop across the board. My server maintained a steady pop up until the update. Now it’s empty. Not due to raiding or offlining, just of sheer boredom from what players have told me in global why they are leaving. Anyone else experiencing this?


Choose your fighter: Rolling Pike, Bowstar Runner, or Goomba.

I think part of the decline is the removal of the bubbles / avatar rework. Pve seems to be suffering too. Most of the complaints I see are about cheaters, or getting rolled on by sister alpha clans.


There’s so many things to go over but I’ll summarize:

  • Cheaters/hackers
  • Exploiters
  • x4 gather rate
  • Recent dupes
  • Long standing bugs
  • Offlining
  • Report meta
  • Mass reporting
  • Server alliances
  • Balance problems

You can be on a full server and not see a soul or hear about raids, because everyone is friends.
If you do target a clan, the rest of the server comes running to help defend.
Can’t find a clan that has been raiding everyone, chances are they’re undermeshed or sky based.
Always have to watch your back because of the threat of being reported.
Can’t enjoy the game normally because some asshat is hacking.
People also have lives, babysitting your base is boring AF. So when you take a night off you’re offlined.
Some like to exploit the building system still and how can you raid them successfully if this is the case?
Trying to fight others is like watching a Sonic roll competition. Boring. No skill involved.
While addressed, recently the imbalance with spears caused a lot of grief.
Then you have realizations that the company is more interested in nickel and diming rather than improvement.

Just so many overlapping issues.


The rolling pike fighting that we have now in PvP is so boring and predictable. I miss the old days…:weary:


This. I agree 100%

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And why is that so?

Because Funcom implemented autoaim.

Target lock + auto facing and now the rotating during attacks turned PvP into 2 button mashing: dodge roll and right click.


Hasn’t Qlock been around since the beginning? I came from console to pc and started out day one when the game first dropped on console so I’m not aware of how it was on pc in the beginning.

So you think qlock is what destroyed pvp? If I misunderstood, my bad.

Qlock has been around, but the most recent patch basically allows attacks to change vector in mid motion, which has vastly enhanced Qlock.

On the PvP side, the most recent update basically squashed a tiny corner case (“unraidable” bases under God bubbles) while doing nothing to improve on long standing problems. It even exasperated Qlock by allowing vector correction and stripping away most hyper armour.

Then there was the addition of the (slightly nerfed but still dominant) Reach of the Red Mother to a certain very easy loot table.
This one hopes that was a bug…

Speaking of, long range archery got a nerf, but so did grit, and shorter range archery, along with certain allowance issues regarding charging a shot while rolling have coupled with the ongoing shield issue and lag concerns to create what this one has seen called the shotgun meta, or mid-short range archery dominance.


Thank you thousand time funcom for removing god bubble

Ahh gotcha. I guess I didn’t understand the hate for qlock because I only use it when knocking out thralls. I also didn’t realize it was that broken. So that explains my anger towards pikes right now. I should not get piked to death standing on top of a vault when someone is standing below using a mordlum almost two to three foundation lengths away. :joy:


Yeah god bubble removal doesn’t really bother me. Never used them to begin with.

Q-Lock is the focus of most of the community, but it’s really not even the main issue.

I’m going to shamelessly shill my own prior post on hyper-armor changes, but only because it’s a huge part of the problem:

The biggest immediate PvP differences between the Age of War meta and the Age of Sorcery meta are:
-Hyper-armor is basically non-existent
-Stamina regenerates instantly
-Time to kill is very low due to over-tuned damage
-There’s no momentum mechanic anymore
-Q-lock is viable

As a result of Q-lock and missing hyper armor, no weapon can ever out-perform the daggers or spear in melee. No matter how well you time an attack you’ll never out-speed a dagger thrust or out-reach a spear poke. Weapons like the axe and sword previously had hyper from the beginning of their movesets, but now they get staggered out of attacks every time.

The instant stamina regen not only kills the stamina management aspect of skill expression, but creates a situation where there’s no downside for roll-poke spam or infinitely running away as an archer.

The burst damage meta only compounds these issues. Health recovery was a critical part of Conan PvP, and now it’s almost meaningless because time to kill is measured in single digits. Slow down to drink a potion? You’re dead. Using food? The passive healing isn’t nearly enough to matter.

There’s also no viability to trading/baiting anymore. Most weapon movesets are useless now, and even if they weren’t why sit there and tank damage when doing so results in a three-hit death? Players are currently incentivized to use their infinite stamina to disengage and joust with running attacks. A lack of any momentum mechanic (a situation where you can’t INSTANTLY start at full speed when running) means that there’s no downside to sprinting away from a losing trade. So instead of a fight we get two players chasing each other in a circle.

The previous meta was a very risk-reward type system. You could tank damage knowing that you had more hyper in your moveset and could achieve a knock-down. You could roll out of a losing trade and re-engage using a weapon with starting hyper to punish spamming. You could punish spear-poke spam by rolling and wheeling on them with an axe and heavy staggering them for a couple hits to get them off your back. You could catch someone with a greatsword light attack post-roll and out-trade weapons like the 1h sword and 1h axe. Every fight was a back and forth in which you carefully managed your health and stamina so that you could keep trading until you put your opponent on the back foot.

Skill mattered a LOT. Not just for winning trades, but for knowing how to prevent someone from recovering and being mindful of your own statuses. Age of Sorcery created a solid meta with a myriad of mechanics that influenced the outcome of a fight.

Now? Just pick up a bow or a spear, press the win button, and hope that your latency carries you.


Yes. The game has gotten so boring over the last couple of years that it just doesn’t keep the interest up. It has been made easier and easier, it’s just ridiculous. For me maybe the biggest thing are the 4x rates, you are instantly so full of materials you don’t know what to do with them. Other thing is the constant buffs for raiding, like the snap-on explosives. It used to be fun to build bases that were very hard to raid with jars but now it doesn’t matter. It feels like the game has been turned into run&raid sandbox with very little survival involved. You won’t stand a chance against someone with full str/vit or agi attributes unless you have the same perks and not everyone want’s to play like that. I was pounding this one naked guy with a proper axe but he just stood there transferring our loot to his chest. Then he turned around and killed me with one blow through decent 800+ armor. Where’s the sense in that? There are so many changes been made for the worse that i can’t remember all of them right now, but because of things like this i just won’t bother anymore. I start a server, level up to 60 in a couple of days and notice that i’m once again so full of stuff that it’s boring.

One hour thralls are another thing that i absolutely hate. It’s like every bit of challenge has to be taken away from the game and for what? So that impatient kids can get everything instantly? Breaking a T4 thrall required some planning on an active servers in the past, will you take the chance of the wheel being raided on open ground or will you try to hide it somewhere? Will you try to get a T4 taskmaster first so you’d have a chance to break thralls out of raid hours? Now those kind of things just don’t matter and it’s BORING.

And another thing about thralls, there were differences between them before. Now they are all the same. BORING!

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q lock could be fixed if you include a negative in it that is noticeable in PVP but not in PVE environments. For instance, you could slow down their toon while in locked mode so that those that can operate without locking gain the advantage in melee.

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The easiest immediate method of addressing Q-Lock without deleting it as a mechanic is to just revert the changes to hyper armor, stamina, and damage back to pre-AoW levels.

Q-Lock is a crutch but it only removes the predictive element of skill expression in the meta. An AoS 1h axe could heavy swing right through a Q-Lock spear user’s moveset and out-trade them. A 1h sword could lunge through stabs and stagger a dagger spammer.

That said, my first solution would be to remove it entirely.

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This is never gonna happen, but in many polished and finished games I enjoy, you have a choice between auto-aim and actual good player Lobbies. Judgment implied. :smiley:

The alts took stage left. Now it is waiting for a merge.

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Q lock should never existed. Idk wth they are doing. Killing PVP totally

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