Pvp/PveServer looking for people to join as ether the 2 clans set up now or make your own

Hello, we are looking for people to join are server we have 15 spots open you can ether join one of the 2 clans currently on server or make your own clan we welcome any playstyle or exp.

for more info contact me ether on this post or on Steam

Steam name :PainTrain

or contact Lord Jerikho

Also contact me on discord aswell user name is PainTrain#6088

We also have a discord server which would also invite you too if u decied to join the server.

Hey there,

Just tried adding you on Discord, I think the name listed in your post doesnt bring up anything on Discord. I’d be interested in chatting with you. Shoot me a message / add me on Discord: Hitenkiri#6015

Look forward to talking to you soon!