PvP Server #3985 - Crash all time

Game mode: [Online | [Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [South America]

A few months ago we asked the moderators to solve the problem of the server that was out of the air at all times and now we ask you to help us with a current server situation.

When the server reaches a certain number of players online, it is unable to remain online, the server crashes all the time

Horary PVP the situation gets worse it is impossible to defend bases or attack

The server 3985 is the only server in South America that has an active player at all times, we ask you to help us with this problem


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2. Attack bases
3. Defend bases
4.Just stand still and crash server

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I see if someone can take a look at the server and check if there are any hardware issues.


Please, help us. The server is running really bad. Lag and cash all the time.

O server está muito ruim. desconectou várias vezes seguidas.impossível jogar

Any solution? the problem remains yesterday when attacking a base using the YOG we lost all attacks because Crash blue screen

Very lag…crash all the time


Sorry about my english is not my native language…we are having many troubles with the server. When server reach 30 or more players the issues starts to happen, players start to fly…you receive damage from nothing…bugs with blue screen…my internet is 100MB VIVO Fibra, one of bests of SP and I have LAG, this lag does not happens when the number of players is less than 20… you have a great game with a great future, but you need fix it…thx for any help…

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@Tascha ??? Please Help Server 3985

I pinged gportal. That’s all I can do atm.

Funcom is not interessed in South American players. I’m leaving the game.


Server #1999 is suffering from bad performance since the official release, I along with others had been reporting this for them, and it never gets better, this is frustrating :frowning: total disrespect with us.


Please continue talking to gportal. Unfortunately we only have this server as an option.

Thx . <3

Yeah, we paid dearly and we do not have good service in return. A great game but without good administration

Blizzard could pass some tips on how to have a well-managed game in every way. :rofl:


Gportal, help us. 3995 server is also suffering with constant drops, in addition to fading structures.

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