PVP vs PVE building T3

I believe the PVP building system should differ from PVE. In PVP T3 buildings should cost 3-4 times more than PVE and should only be available to clans of 2+ people. The T2 and T3 in PVP should also be buffed to balance the costs and so that solo players can have a chance against raids with T2 buildings. The reason I say this is that most people skip T2 buildings as they are not feasible in the long run in comparison to T3 at this time. Also, this would encourage solo players to join clans in PVP if they want to live in T3 buildings and be more secure.

I would say the opposite, since PVE structures don’t get damaged by players and only by purge they should take way more materials to build. PVP is about raiding and fighting so materials should be super cheap so we can blow it up and rebuild easier. PVE structures stand forever unless decay or purge.

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I also disagree with this as I’m a solo player on PVP.
Why limit solo players? Too many players already leave from being constantly raided early on and a lot of players take time to choose a clan to join when they don’t already have friends.

Large clans already have it too easy compared to solo or small groups of 2 -3 people so this wouldn’t be a good idea.

Not all solo players want an easy PVE experience, we do like the harshness of the full experience but making it harder for us solo players but easier for large clans would mean less people on servers.

With T2 buffed you can survive raids if you build smart. It would just make it near impossible for solo players to raid clans with T3. The price of T2 should not change and should be easy to build to make it worth it. The idea is to make clans want to recruit more solo players to be able to build T3 faster to not be raided by enemy clans. It would balance out since raiding T2 would be a waste of bombs in case they want to fight another clan with T3 that would take a lot of hits before their walls crumble.

Math wise, T2 should be buffed to what the current T3 is and current T3 should become x2 harder to blow up but also be more way more expensive to produce! This would be an incentive for players to migrate more to PVP if they can defend with better buildings rather than PVE.

Also, raiding would become more challenging for large clans against solo players if the ratio of T2 buildings is way larger than the output of their bomb production. This would mean less solo targets to raid as there won’t be enough bombs to go around in a short amount of time.

Ofc, bombs should not change their stats for this to work!

I actually like the idea of buffing the T2 and T3 buildings as even though i’m solo I can create bombs that destroy T3 walls when needed as long as I take enough.
But I still do not agree with the rest as some players don’t wish to join clans. Destiny had this issue where without joining fire teams or clans, solo players couldn’t experience portions of the game at all.

By limiting T3 building to clans only you take away incentive for new people to join PVP as they will know unless they join a clan (In a lot of cases there aren’t any worth joining because of the toxic members) they have no use collecting Black Ice or making stone hardly and a few other elements of the game become lost to them.

The way the game seems now even if you made it harder to build T3 buildings, large clans wont have any issues with it as they already are able to stockpile resources.
2 players off to farm black ice can both gather enough to build a base in one day if a third player can farm bark to dry wood.

The game should be fair for all players whether in clans or solo. Well by fair I mean anything they can build solos should be able to build also, it will just take more work.