What does 3.0 tackle and what needed still

I feel that just attributes alone solve a lot of issues that pvp was facing.

To have pvp build you need 2 full bars and half which this was only way to get from really good armor and food. The 3.0 system removes armor for most part. Which armor value still be important but it seems it gives unprepared player better chance at fighting.
Plus’s a solo player don’t have sacrificed pvp build for economic build.

I did small run as solo to see what can be made in couple hours of starting over.

The only hurtle I couldn’t over come was armor.

T2 insulated supper cheap and easy make plus it half cost t3 and strength but since iron, wood and bark is only raw mats u need. You can easily double size as u would t3. Plus’s you have better chance repairing vs t3. Plus 3.0 is making buff to t2 witch means it 2/3 of strength with 1/2 cost makes far stronger then t3.

Since thralls got halved the question to compared it to pets, I was hope they buff pets especially skeletons.

Only thing I think pvp balance wise weapon vs boss drops. Black ice weapons outside legendary boxes is very manageable obtain quickest term since you just need harden steel.

Star metal be easy but orbs are harder to make since u need a t1 thrall. Which dragon powder is easier to make. Plus’s it’s guessing game to when it lands

Cannot answer or participate really until 3.0 is dropped and every detail is known about it.


Ability to dress crafters with the hundreds of armor sets we’ve spent money on or will buy in the future.
Bases will continue to look like homeless shelters to me until this is adressed.

NPC owned bases that we can raid on PvE servers. I don’t like PvP because it’s full of exploiters/cheaters/offline raiding and I don’t really have 6 hours a day to play Conan Exiles.

A slot machine so I can get some meaning from playing this game.


City Life™ (probably), or really anything to make your base more like a city and less like a freezeframe - this could well be a theme for a future Season. Well, one can dream.


Dress up like a princess.

What comes next? More face makeup and nail polish?

YOu do you i guess. Not everyone is into makeup like you.

Toe nail polish! Yep! So my feet look pretty when I run barefoot through snow. :slight_smile:

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New Content

  • A way for “hero” players to counter Sorcerers (an “anti-Sorcery” age)
  • A way for “hero” players to counter Slavery (a fully developed “rescue” mechanic like what was started on Siptah with the Jailers and caged fighter/archer/bearer thralls being released)
  • A Settlement system where NPC villages can spawn, grow, wage war on one another, and die off. Also, ways to enliven the NPCs on one’s base. And also “dynamic events” to make the world feel more alive (random encounters, traveling NPCs, warbands, caravans, NPCs raiding villages, etc).
  • A way for spawned NPCs (humans, creatures, undead, etc) to roam more freely (not static spawns where the creature just sits still, but more mobility of an area and AI patrol pathing) – its not fun to be able to give directions by animal spawn locations (like ‘turn left at the second crocodile’).

Existing Content: Update several existing systems

  • Food recipes and their effects (would be nice to get some fruit trees, too – but that’s new content)
  • Temperature effects on armor, weapons, and building structures
  • Religion revamp (make religion more useful, practical, and impactful for gameplay choices)

I simply want this gameplay:

In 3.0 they should change useless Battleye to EasyAntiCheat or smth decent that actually works there is just too many cheaters r now you play for months n then hacker just takes everything in 10min not so fun ey…

Over the last few months I have been learning a lot more about Unreal. Just for background I’m an evangelist for 4.20 for various and copious reasons, BUT the devs said in their recent Sorcery Stream that they won’t be upgrading the Engine. However, they will be able to retro features from later versions of UE into the current Engine.

This made me happy on so many levels, and many of those levels coincide with your complaints about people exploiting the game code. If Conan Exiles has benefited under the hood from later versions of UE, CE 3.0 may be the most secure version yet. This remains to be seen, but it looks promising.

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