A Vet PvP Player's Update 3.0 feedback, Please upvote PvP discussion in this

Bravo. Almost everything is great only thing i can say bad about the update is the Combat change for lock on… please remove lock on and auto facing attack for pvp man it just isnt the go to… we want skill based attacks. And with horses and multipliers and such love the idea ALOT good on you although does it stagger the horse and stop them from moving? I am hoping so

Lock on dagger spam will be horrendous for pvp to still be around

Now with the hit multiplier they need to do stam AND HP damage because it would make more sense and make the horse attacks more strategic and not able to just run get hit and knock a dude down for a thrall to 1 shot.

Either way im down to test this update out Please man. Super excited to play one of my favorite games again. Please heed my opinion about lock on everything else seems well done :clap: :heavy_check_mark:

EDIT: ALSO note the darkness sorcery and or visual advantages with the health bars always on and lock on will make those spells USELESS but hopefully they heed my warning and remove both of those. Since hp always showing has ruined the ambush tactics and or other tactics and lock on makes smoke arrows and or the darkness aura sorcery to blind players is kinda useless with those lock on and hp always show. Please share this forum out we need people to get on board and get this done

EDIT 2: SOME MORE ideas i believe besides lock on and auto facing being removed… and the ban meta people are refeering too to be fixed with 3.0 I believe it will man just gotta have faith dude since in order to have constant money flow with battle pass etc they cant just up and ban everyone and expect them to invest. But we need to also fix these core issues as well in PvP.

Checking recently they just uploaded videos on how the new building works with hammer. NOW in theory it looks good. ON THE OUTSIDE but now spamming builds is even more viable good luck raiding since everyone will be a walking hold mats and premade whatever they want. No crafting time etc.

The easier way for them to balance this change is to make people build in low grade and upgrade it individually. YES it would be a hassle but it would help ALOT with how the system theyre trying to implement can be balanced for a PvP sense. Or add a small animation to building like 4 seconds or 8 where if you take damage of any kind in this it stops and is interrupted. This will help to make it so that raiding isnt soo useless where team 1 just stacks matts and repair hammers and repairs… or make it where after having a building damaged in pvp you cannot build on it or repair it for 5 minutes… would stop the run and die in a hole in the wall to prevent repairing and placing… takes away from the actual pvp and game from 1 or 2 people needing to run and pull bracelet.

ALSO allowing people to just pick up their stuff with no real draw backs like walls and vaults etc… in pvp is a TERRIBLE idea. Thats my opinion. No more doors needed and that is just wrong and needed addressing

Server transfers and much more has made it easy to just up and leave… they need to remove that feature ESPECIALLY with the pay to win garbage they have going on with siptah joining exile lands… server transfers should be WITHOUT any loot of any kind period. Just your recipes and level 60 character. There are tons of other fixes they can implement to help with alot of the things in conans core that is wrong. Yes Hackers, Ddossers, Exploiters need to be banned but why have people banned for building when it is a CORE FEATURE? Add yourself a system to prevent this and or make it more useful/less spam and laggy with territory flags or something stated beforehand…

Easy body vault fix… no body despawning… you starve to death after the said window you would despawn or something to prevent body vaulting… you want the loot? Keep playing on your server… my buddy Ceronesthe broke it down in this video and alot of easy fixes to the problems we all face be sure to check it out! On that note, we need higher server population limit… Badly… like not even a joke… it makes people zerg waay to easy and lock out the server. And or bring down clan sizes.

I also feel like spears countering horses would be great if the damage and stam damages were big enough to discourage charging a spear fighter. BUT only way i can see this working is the spear hits having a Lancing effect and dismounting the horse immediately because if it doesnt. They can just run away get stam back before you can even reach them and or heal. AND if you dont bring back the old FATIGUE system then they will get dismounted run crazy for about 1 or 2 secs. Then hop back on and they lose nothing for that. No way to punish it. The system at its core need a balance patch 3.0 is a GREAT STEP forward but we need these fixed before launch because once its out. It will be too late. Better to fix it now not later.

Everything Wrong with Conan Exiles (And How to Fix It) - PVP Review and Suggestions - YouTube


Before I start I will tell you a funny story…
After my first 18 months on this game I learned that there was a target lock option… So in this “skill” part, I agree, I learned how to calculate every hit, do different combos at the occasion and use different weapons for different mobs. So yes, target lock makes the player “lazy”. Target lock however on consoles is broken months now, it changes automatically to different opponents so it is not efficient unless the fight is 1v1 only.
Really liked your video man, hope to see you soon back in the exile lands, cheers :+1:t6:.


Exactly if we rarely use it and or need it might as well remove it and it would benefit the population in terms of skill. The PvP players Want lock on removed. #bringskillbacktoconanpvp

Thanks for the support man i appreciate it :pray: :100: :raised_hands: :heart: :blue_heart: :muscle: :pray: hopefully they will heed my suggestion and if they remove it the combat will be waay better and almost near perfect for a comp pvp and skill gaps will start showing up. Lock on dagger spam and or back in my days of conan claws spam was waaay to strong for the exact reason… speed and lock on. Daggers are the new claws

EDIT: ALSO the darkness sorcery and or visual advantages with the health bars always on and lock on will make those spells USELESS but hopefully they heed my warning and remove both of those. Since hp always showing has ruined the ambush tactics and or other tactics and lock on makes smoke arrows and or the darkness aura sorcery to blind players is kinda useless with those lock on and hp always show. Please share this forum out we need people to get on board and get this done


yo reaps its been a while glad your getting back into conan add me up on discord “Icy#4063” we used to play in mpn together and run a little bit of conan

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We had a thread when they first implemented the always on hp bars discussing the ways it hindered PVP - specifically mentioning the various ways stealth was used. @den contributed to the thread, I could probably find it if I looked hard enough, basically stating it was an oversight and that while he didn’t want to throw the system out completely he recognized it was a problem and expressed a desire to come up with a complimentary solution.

Given that he self described as a “rogue” player on the livestream, his comments from that aforementioned thread, and the introduction of darkness and invisibility spells - I am hopeful we will have some sort of solution to the always on hp bars for PVP servers. That being said, I’ve been disappointed before lol.


I am wondering if thrall will become corruptible? As in, if a perk comes with a negative, a corrupt option comes with so you can opt to select the negative on the perk or some corruption on that negative portion that will reduce hp but give a boost to that aspect, making your thrall a bit evil.

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Both HP on always and lock on hinder visual advantages and strategies i hope they fix this issue. Maybe make allies hp always on or something like that


Oh yeah? Lol how is mpn doing?

On consoles target lock is the worse option you can choose unless 1 on 1, as you said. You may use it to quickly acquire the target, but it’s wise to immediately turn it off by pressing R3. I can’t see that boding well if you face more than one enemy on pvp. And even in a 1 on 1 situation, probably you’ll end up targeting the nearest rabbit while turning you back on the adversary… :smile:

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Just the controller-button needs to be flipped for logic on/off states. Like press once to acquire target. Hold for target lock.

That may be better than confusing it with bindings for followers.

i believe it was in the last stream…soo 8 months ago?


Can you do that on console? It would be a good improvement.

Lol I’ve quoted it a few times, I think even further back - maybe as far as August of 21’? I want to hope that they don’t give us an invisibility spell just to run around as a floating hp bar… surely not. Right?


Yeah but that is anxissue with consoles that is fixed next update as well to my knowledge and with how it works being able to hit it then strike then turn it off or just everyone spam daggers and such is just … no skill involved and i think it is better to just be removed all together



Yes because it is backwards as-is.

What do you mean? Using lock on bot for combat for for thrall commands? I can see that being useful or locking camera on target WITHOUT making you not aim you know? I could see that but the lack of skill atm that is dagger and lock on is purely the lock on system especially when it works. Also note Den mentioned this on their discord so it might be useful for everyone here to see and know


OK that’s good news

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Yeah now lock on needs to be removed and this update will be fire

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I don’t care that much about lock on. It’s situational. I wouldn’t complain if they removed it though :man_shrugging:t2: