Suggestion: Add a building limit to prevent bans

That’s “Mr. Ignorant” to you.

Telling people to make the game like another game while not playing the other game is an interesting “solution.”

Public servers are toxic. The admins do not punitively patrol public servers and ban folks. They respond to reports. The current ToS has had the effect of weaponizing reporting. But the admins are implementers of this policy, not deciders of it. Blaming the admins for doing their jobs is misguided.

Keeping them up and running???

It’s all automatic after you set it up. Maybe a few tweaks here or there but after it’s up, there’s nothing to do except keep the machine plugged in. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yet, of the 8 or 10 Official servers I’ve been on I have never experienced any problems or as you call it, toxicity. People are cool! I’ve had nothing but helpful experiences. Folks eager to welcome me into their game - even on the PvP servers.

It’s my $5 solution. If I can spend $5 a day to not be annoyed at something, I will gladly do it.

I also run a dedicated server on my network, but that will never be accessible to the public, because my days of poking holes in my firewalls have ended.

You can class it as running away of you like, I class it as deciding to use the toll lanes at rush hour, thus removing myself from a source of annoyance.

This idea that I must endure the idiocy of others for the “common good” is not an action in which I must participate, so I will not.

And I have never had a broken bone.

This does not mean broken bones do not exist, merely that I have not experienced them.

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Up and running as in with enough population so you can actually play all the parts of pvp like raiding and open world fighting. Darfari and crom server had 60 people on their server 4 weeks ago. Now the server is “dead” with only 10 players even after a new wipe. The admins did nothing wrong thats just what happens to a lot of pvp private servers.

I cover this issue and possible solutions in this forum you should give it a look

Sure of course. And of course it takes two to tango… But when my experiences are so different so often it kinda makes me wonder sometimes. Heck the first Official PvP I was on the conversation went like:

Me: Damn hyenas!
P1: Oh, hi… what’s the problem?
Me: Nothing, I’m OK…
Me: just a weaponless n00b trying to farm in the wrong place.
P2: You need anything?
Me: Wow, thanks! But I’m good… I’ll get there eventually.

— 10 minutes later…

P1: Don’t attack me I wanna give you some stuff.
Me: ??? What…
P1: You like black horses or white?
Me: Umm I dunno currently black matches my gear better.
P1: OK here’s a black one
P1: and there’s some armor, weapons, repair kits and food in the bag too.
Me: Whoa - AWESOME!!! That’ll kickstart me… Thank you so much!!!
Me: Now all I need is to make a saddler’s bench and make a saddle.
P1: Oh damn, I forgot… Here, take mine.
Me: Wow, that’s above and beyond!
Me: But you will have to walk back… where’s your base?
P1: B-13 but don’t worry…
Me: We’re on I-4 that’s clear across the map…
Me: Hey where’d ya go? o0



Limit doesn’t really work, it has a lot to do with how you build and where you build

Of my 2 latest main bases one was under half the size of the other and it still lagged way more than the big one.

Everyone who is saying to leave them behind has done it themselves successfully and giving personal accounts of the results.

Officials make up a fractional minority of the community. The game will survive without them. Even if they didn’t, even if Funcom disappeared today. The game would thrive under the modding community and dedicated server owners and admins.

The only purpose officials serve is a headache for those who manage them (which is why they don’t talk to you all, clarify rules, improve administration policies, and even try to get G-Portal to improve server performance outside of deleting servers). Its an obligation to a partnership they made years ago that I’m sure those who have the ‘privilege’ of looking at Zendesk tickets, regret every day.

And I agree with them. Use a stick to keep people in line rather than try to make adjustments to the game that adds new bugs and restrictions to those of us (the majority) who don’t need that hassle. I’d much rather a handful of people get banned off of dead servers each day than have to utilize yet another server setting or mod to fix what is otherwise the bad behavior of players.

This topic is an administration problem that has an administrative solution. Which is working as it is.

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I see a few suggestions here to running a dedicated private server. My friends and I ran the numbers and in order to achieve a vanilla 40 pvp server, we’re looking at footing about $1 a day.

This sounds cheap but if we consider life situations it isn’t realistic. All types of people play this game. Teenagers to the elderly. People with different financial situations and lifestyles. All around the globe with varying economic and territorial situations.

With that in mind, additionally, we all already paid the fair asking price to play this game. What was included, and I realize Funcom has the right to change this, was official servers. They have not changed it. They’re still an option to play. If people CHOOSE to play on official that is in their current purchase agreement with the company.

Yes yes, comparisons with other games, yada yada yada. But let’s consider other games out there with official servers. The companies provide them as part of the initial purchase. They are maintained by the company. They are a PART OF THE EQUATION. I have never seen another company run their servers like this; it is both surreal and absurd in how the ToC is enforced.

Continuously advising people to either go to privates already on the list or run their own because of a problem with administration is ludicrous. Especially when you consider how many privates are run.

What people want who play on officials is fair implementation of rules. The rules are ambiguous and are being poorly and inaccurately enforced. There is absolutely abuse of the reporting feature at play as @TeleTesselator and others succinctly outlined. Gaming the system indeed.


Thank you! Very well-written and on point.

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Understood , and collaboration is my playstyle. Prior to the 11/2021 ToS update, I just ignored the occasional folks who craved conflict until they got bored and went away, or just played on another server until they burned out.

After the 11/2021 ToS update, it became an unacceptable environment for me. I play games to relax and decompress from my corporate gig and this just became easier on a private, vanilla, server.

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I do agree with your post, but I would also like to point out that people have been complaining about officials, while at the same time screaming vehemently against the suggestion of going to a private server, for YEARS before the new ToS came into existence. So, although this may have to a degree amplified the matter, it is by no means a new issue. People have complained about officials since pretty much day one, and they will complain about officials until there are no longer officials in existence. That will never change.

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Did you ever stop to consider that there are people on officials that enjoy the way they are maintained? See the idea that officials are badly maintained is an opinion. Not a fact. This has been this way since they were turned on years ago.

You see you cannot please everyone. As someone who has played on just about every server type, admined on just about every server type, and who has in the past owned a server. I can say this with absolutely certainty that you cannot please everyone. Anyone who has a small ability in critical thinking will likely be able to come to that conclusion and fact on their own. Which I will include everyone in this thread because you all are smart enough to be included there.

Which means this comes down to a select people wishing to change the official servers to suit their tastes. Here’s the problem. If they do that. If they give you, Kikigirl, everything you want. It will tick people off. I will even say this. I do not agree that what you want and ask for will help the official servers. I say it will hurt them more then doing nothing.

And here’s a good question. All the players supposedly causing issues for you all, are playing and enjoying the official servers. Where do you suppose they should play if not continue to play on officials? What makes you all more important then them?

Pretty much this. And I would point out that there is a fraction of complaints about officials in 2022 compared to 2018. They went with the right track. Could there be improvements? Sure. But the TOS and how its implemented, and silly building rules and arbitrary development imposed restrictions that cause more problems than solve, is not the answer.

I would be interested in the details if you care to share them. Such a server doesn’t even need a GPU, the monitor can remain off 99% of the time (or 100% if you remote in by phone), and something like the 5800X would probably be enough. There’s the ISP but you likely pay for that anyway and such a server doesn’t need to knock you off unless you’re torrenting 4k films - and many torrents can be scheduled automatically if you just have to be doing such things.

Assuming you have the system or don’t mind using you personal PC I can’t see it costing more than $0.25 per day - at the very most - in the most extreme case.

I was able to test 5 connections to the dedicated server running on a 10 or 12 year old 4c/8t laptop with a 1G NIC and 8GB RAM. With all 5 connected and galloping over the map at the same time (which causes the most CPU and Network usage) the CPU was only at about 25% and only 30% of the network bandwidth was being used - at peak.

I also tested on modern gear but as mentioned, I would be interested in how you came to the $1 per day estimate.

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The very people that reported me and friends are in the forums saying the same things as I and others. These are seasoned players, I am a seasoned player. We’re all people who know what we should and should not do based on the rules as they stand now. They have on multiple occasions admitted that our situation was not ban worthy. I already knew that. The purpose of their exercises are to gather proof that there is something very wrong with how reports are dealt with. I knew that already too.

Now we’re deep diving.

This all brings to mind the new player not even understanding how to convert hide to dragon powder… those newer players that get reported and banned for blocking a POI, do they even know what that is? I do because I’ve gone the distance to understand the complexities of the game.

My point is that it does not matter how people feel on how they or others are playing, legitimately or not. People are being punished for simply existing. A 2x2 crapshack on noob river is not safe from a report.

You have shown that you vehemently disagree with our perspective because we refuse to post the proof here and I would agree that it is a tactic to shut down posts.

It appears to me that you are not interested in anything we have to say anyway as our experiences have the ability to influence change that you percieve will inconvenience you. So you poison the well and muddy the waters.


I’ll see sbout getting the specifics for you

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“I have evidence, but can’t show it! But my word is good so you should believe me.”

No one believes this. Not even you and your two friends who keep perpetuating this falsehood even believe this. I mean come on guy, you really expect everyone to believe that you spent several hours collecting evidence for your own viewing and no one else’s?

I mean if anyone needs some real concrete evidence. Just login to the server Jimbo plays on. He’s still there and he’s ruffled a ton more feathers in this forum and discord than most to not get reported-meta’d a dozen times.

Plenty know the truth. It is being gathered and shared in places where it can be viewed without shut downs or delisting. Like various clan and gaming group discords.

Those “2”, I assume are the same people we’re both thinking of, are not my friends. They’ve griefed my clan with the reporting system. They’ve used a faulty system against us. This is what you’re failing to accept. It is happening a lot and not just to us… it’s quite easy to do actually.

Also, not a dude.


See, there is some truth to this statement. However, I have read many complaints about the wording and implementation of the ToS. Even funcom knows that clearer structures are needed. (Dana responded to a post that they are working on more posts to explain and clear up certain situations)

So wanting to please a handful of people who might dont want clarification to not get banned or clarification for which reason they got banned should not be the goal of any company. Its not like we want to enforce frequent wipes or higher rates. We want a clear ToS and a clear way of how bans get handled with notifcations about whats the reason for it so people who really didnt do anything on purpose can learn fromt it. At the moment its like telling a kid: No. Without any explanation on WHAT they’re not supposed to do.

You know on the last server i played i made some new friends. That time they played conan for a month. They where searching for a new game after rust let them down with all the cheating going on (ironic that they started on a conan official then but little did they know) First they ran into people abusing the bomb dupe. Then they got reported for a sign out of foundations they built next their base. Their clanlead (who never placed more than 10 foundations to repair a wheel) got banned for that. While he was banned the rest of the clan got hit by hackers. They left that server with us because we got hack-raided as well. On the new server their base on desert gutter got admin wiped without any notifications. So someone must have reported them. They didnt know what they did wrong. How would they? No one told them and they are new players. They started over again. Guess what? 6 Days into the server they got wiped by hackers again.

So they came from rust ready to dedicate their whole time to that game and got f’*cked several times with funcom being no help to them whatsoever. Yes, they quit and it will take a lot to make them at least try 3.0. Find ONE person who thinks that what happened to them should stay that way. Just one.