[PVP] Was body vaulting intended for long safe storage of items?

You mean it will renew itself and stay viable ? I agree until this is corrected it will be back either in this thread or another under a similar thread or title.

Though one does wonder why you needed to state this ? Do you want the thread to go away to hide it or do you think the point of the issue has been made and stands needs to be corrected?

The later. The topic has been hashed out pretty well at this point.


My way! My way!
Change the rules, change the game to fit meee! Me me me!

Nah, it’s fine as it is. It serves a wonderful purpose!

It is misrepresentation of the rules in the server settings by which the server is run . It is misleading and a likely oversight as it does the complete opposite of what is listed in the settings.

There is no defense of this as it is clear and stated and yet not followed by the server.

It is not I who is asking for a rules change it simply a statement that the rules have not been followed based on the server settings of the official servers.

Again, this is not in dispute as it is clearly stated for all to see. The question now is if the statement is changed or if the settings continue to misrepresent the gameplay on the official servers.

Where do the rules state that you can’t log off with stuff in your pockets?

Where do the rules state you can only do so for one specific purpose?

Being able to put a bunch of important stuff in your pockets and then log off for a few months - so that you don’t lose quite so much progress during your time away is a great and awesome thing. And there’s no way they accidentally implemented that feature.

That’s different than the post you just “liked” to try and connect the two different issues:

That is talking about people logging off during an attack in order to thwart a raid. And there are ways of stopping that without touching what we’re talking about here. One I think, is already in place and that’s that the base and loot and player’s body, have a 15min cooldown - so even if they log off the raid can continue for another 15min. Problem already solved just with that.

And we are still talking about a tiny minority of a small group. No one does that. If your base is being attacked people overwhelmingly attempt to defend it… Not stuff a bunch of crap in their pockets and log off. So this is also a solution looking for a problem - and a problem that doesn’t exist.

Your body is by the server rules to remain in the world at all times when the setting is checked which it is on all PvP Offical servers.

Plain and simple this is not happening if after 7 days your body stops remaining in the world.

The servers are not following the rules set down by the server settings. That is the statement proven by looking at the server settings and reading the clearly written and checkmarked setting. This not an opinion it is a verified fact.

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AFTER 7 DAYS… who gives a crap?

I think you’re extrapolating past the purpose of the rule. Seems like a disconnect on your part by using technicalities.

What are you wanting to do, go body hunting for a bunch of people on vacation and grab all their sh*t?
although that does sound like fun, I have to admit!

The server rules must be followed as they are listed otherwise they meaningless at best or a lie at worst.

There is no spirit of the rule being debated here. This again, is a clearly stated rule set down by the server settings not being followed by the server. Period.

In fact I will will be adding a bug thread soon pointing to this clear issue with the settings not being followed.

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You can BR it, that’s fine. They won’t fix it though. At most they’ll redundantly add “for 7 days” to the text description - which is prolly a good thing I guess. I seriously doubt they’ll even do that though - so don’t get your hopes up.

lmfao. stop being so cringe. It’s literally coded into the game that your body disappears after a certain amount of time.

The “Bodies stay in the world after logging out” is not a RULE its a server setting. It’s to stop people pressing F on benches and boxes then logging out mid raid. Nothing to do with bodies disappearing after a week or more. which last I checked was 14 days.

and removing the fact that bodies vanish after x amount of time won’t stop people from body vaulting either. stop being a dweeb

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Yup… which is why adding the text would be somewhat redundant. But hey, clearer and more complete sentences in the server settings tab can only be a good thing. :wink:

Exactly… A solution without a problem…

You are incorrect on many levels. You apparently never heard of unintended mechanics. Also I am old enough that the term cringe doesn’t make me lose my mind and stop making sense.

Wrong and wrong again.

The issue is not that people can put items on their body, it is that their body DISAPPEARS AFTER 7 DAYS and can not be attacked as the server states it can.

They can leave stuff on a body all they want and no problem as long as that body is open to attack on pvp servers. You both understand now or are you going to keep justifying an exploit like others have for other exploits until they are removed?

I believe this is a cheap mechanic as well, but I am unsure how much can be down besides reducing landclaim radius further or make them have to actually try to place the foundation to get the land claim warning.

If they had to keep trying to place instead of just looking for a color change as they move around that would take more effort and eat up more time and that may reduce the use of this method.

There is also a setting for how long. So it is not a blatant against the rules. The full set up is body remains in world x time. X being defined by a slider. It is set to 7 dats on officials. So no, not a blatant exploit.

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I will leave this here. Wall stacking has been around forever as well as had undermeshing before it . The line: “Its been around so long it must be right and approved”, gets old and is rarely correct.

I answered the 7 days and why it was an exploit in more than one post at this point so that is well travelled ground.

But you posted an official rule out of context to supplement your argument. I was just correcting by adding the full definition of that rule as seen in settings for a server.

And I for one would be okay with body vaulting gine. I do it, but only to keep up with the Jones’.


I post earlier the full server rule as it was exactly stated with a check beside it. Sorry if you have came late and missed. The post is still there.

Again, If you go to the settings part while on an official, if I remember correctly, there is a time below the body remains in world. No where does it say you can’t have loot on the body.

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I never said anything about having loot on the body being wrong . I said it was against the server rule that the body doesn’t remain in the world .

That could work or make a limit on how far you may move with a placeable item hand outside your own landclaim.

And unfortunately you are not alone in this. Pvp servers are by far the least populated official servers and it wasn’t always this way.

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The issue is after 7 days the body breaks the server rules by not remaining in the world and thus on PvP servers not able to be attacked and killed.