[PVP] Was body vaulting intended for long safe storage of items?

I think I know the answer, but need to ask the question anyway as it seems the primary safe storage choice though mainly on Pvp centric servers. I think personally that this was not the plan.


It’s an exploit. Otherwise they would’ve implemented a way to safely store items.


I am inclined to agree with you.


I think it is safer to have a body vault instead of being suspended without warning and losing everything. Body vault have gotten erased in the past before.

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Though having your body vault stuff Sri remove it from risk in a mode all about risk isn’t that against the spirit and all mechanics already in that mode ??

I do not understand the question?

Body vault is good if you have excess of stuff and want to come back to relax and build again.


I don’t PVP, so maybe this question seems noob…

But on PVP can’t people kill and/or loot you while you are unconscious? How does body vault help with that?

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yeah, but so is offlining. So right now body vault is the counter for that.

There are mesh issues all 9ver mountains. Meaning without undermeshing one can log out unseen in some spots (sans the new dumb hp visible). After I think 7 days, your body disappears from server with loot intact.
i have like 10+ vaults on PS4 official pvps from over a year ago.


I am sorry I should have explained better Caffeine.

When you are unconscious you are still lootable and killable as the server rules allow. On pvp servers you body is vulnerable to attack and/or theft though for some strange reason against all the other mechanics on a pvp server you body will eventually disappear after a time and become untouchable to other players.

I am unsure if this is a bug as I have asked in mulitple places have not got a clear answer.

I don’t agree that two wrongs makes a right .

Body vault is exploit, it’s never meant to be thing. It’s exploit game removes ur body from server to save resources. While ur remove you can’t be attacked any more.

This is no different then building base under mesh where u can’t be touched.

It be one thing if ur body isn’t removed from game but if that was case no one would do body vault


Agreed, it does seem to me that this had to be unintended as why have it as a server option to keep player bodies in the game offline if having this turned on and the body still disappear after a time ?

I don’t if it is not a bug then maybe it is a programming safe guard to keep the server from losing or corrupting player data after an extended amount of unplayed time by the player on their character on that server ? Furthering this maybe the body actually disappearing is proof that the server does start losing data of some kinds after so many restarts and reloads ?

Tbh, though it seems wrong, because I played pvp, for me, what you have done is not so wrong. No matter if you know places, other players might know them too, that means that in a treason you were vulnerable again. So this action hide a risk too. The game allowed the mechanic to log out over encumbered, and players use it. The game allowed your body to be invisible after a certain of time and people use it.
The game allowed you to hide your body in certain places and you use it.
If there is a mistake it’s 50-50.
If these were actions that reduce the performance of the server, then maybe I would be against that, but I don’t think that a players inventory, more or less 4 chests can affect the servers performance :man_shrugging:.
Is it a cheat?.. Yes and no, I could call it strategy of a thief, not a cheat, a smart thief actually.
There for I suggest…
No log out over encumbered.
If you are forced to log out overencumbered, by other reasons, black out, no internet connection, your wife’s vacume, etc, then you simply die and spawn to your bed. Your loot bag decay timer however has to start until someone else farm it or you log in again, so things will be fair.
But, I am asking the pvp players here… Do you really want this thing to change?
I believe this mechanic exists not only for bad use but for good too. Please @biggcane55 give us some balancing reasons this mechanic must exist, I believe there are reasons, good reasons, not only selfish.

It’s not a bug. If bodies didn’t “disappear” after a period of inactivity you would have gigantic piles of bodies at the southern spawn points as every character created in a server would ultimately end up there. Mechanically, it would make farming for bubbles and god coins trivial (and all the other mats you can get from human corpses).

Is the way this behavior is being used in game intended? Probably not, though I imagine the game designers knew it would happen and probably elected to leave it as is. It’s a good way for a player to take a break from the game without completely losing all their stuff.

What definitely wasn’t intended was players using steam family share to create multiple alt accounts and using those as mules for your main character.

That (and being able to evade bans) was largely why that feature was disabled on official servers.


They could always have the bodies disappear or simply die and even if alive there is no reason to keep the stuff on their body.

Pvp at its core is fighting yes but for what after the fight is over? The fight is also for resources either their control or what is in your inventories.

Pvp is not supposed to be WITHOUT RISK EVER.

Everything you do on a pvp server is supposed to be with defense of you and your stuff (whatever you need to keep to survive and play the game you want) in mind at all times. Player may want your stuff and you are supposed to on a pvp server fight to protect it and in other cases take theirs. Tell me how is this possible it it is NOT THERE to TAKE ??

Personally I don’t see an issue with people taking a break and coming back on later to casually play. It is not game breaking as undermesher and ddosers. Those are the only two that ruin the game for me besides insiders.

At least body vault people keep game alive to a degree in the sense usually people don’t like to start from scratch similiar to server transferring in my opinion.


Why are you shouting?

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I am not saying they should not be able to defend their stuff. I am saying there may be a problem with the mechanic used to do it. This mechanic seems to contradict the spirit of what pvp servers are supposed to be about.

Not shouting as these forums have no, that I am aware of, way of showing emphasis of words ( not underlineing or bold type) all we have is this which is not the same .

I am sorry if it came across as shouting as that was not the intention all.