Abusing alt accounts with bodyvaulting


Ive been reading some on these forums and there seems to be pretty clear body vaulting is against the rules. Although since it has some merits like letting people enjoy time off without losing everything, which is sometimes a necessity of life, people defend it. The problem is that body vaulting is in its nature an exploit and is exploited. The problem isnt people keeping their best stuff while on vacation for an easier start up when back. Its every single major clan on pvp official has a body vault, many of them a dozen or more on their alternate accounts. Its not inactive players using body vaults thats the problem, but majorly active clans who have key resources stashed so they can raid without consequence. You and your friends manage to beat the major clan and theyre allies? Be ready for then to arrogantly and factually brag about how they have unlimited resources you can never touch, thats a major problem and exploit.

That’s sounds like your opinion as it’s never been said to be against the rules.

Arguably this makes a lot of severs active when normally dead. It’s been debated many times but in the end they remain and at this games current state this is low on the list.

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Hey @Boobie I’m just curious :smiley: Do you or your clan happen to have a body-vault character or two by any chance?

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@Xevyr Sure most people do and if they got rid of it tomorrow it wouldn’t bother me


Yea, I know a lot do, that’s why I asked :slight_smile: And the last part of your comment seemed to be very slightly propaganda-like :stuck_out_tongue: You know the “we’re doing underpopulated servers a favor by farming there” part.

Not judging though, it’s actually quite a normal phenomenon for PvP that whenever something can grant you an advantage and the neighbors are all using it then you kinda have to jump on the wagon too.

However objectively speaking OP does have a tiny point. It’s essentially “protecting” your assets and making them inaccessible to others…
There’s another “feature” Funcom just implemented that does the exact same thing and surprisingly the same people who are fine with bodyvaulting are suddenly outraged at this concept, even though it’s the exact same thing :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just Funcom doing it this time (Bazaar illusions protecting weapons from being able to be looted in PvP)

I think it’s a great feature! I don’t use it myself but I would be disappointed in FC if they prohibited it.

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Judge all you want. Why would you put something in quotations when I didn’t even say that? You misunderstood tho it’s not about farming there it’s about fighting there. Most and I say most big clans don’t go after the small guys. Believe it or not body vaults do help populate severs.

Like I said low on the list for me and if it goes oh well.

I dont argue with you that there can be benefits. The cons though vastly outweigh them. Server wipers are attacking the server im on, a very high pop one. None of the alphas can fight them off because everyone has a dozen body vaults. Im playing with the serious pvp guys who like to post their content and cheat at any oppertunity. I can assure you when people like that get a hold of an exploit, they exploit it in ways that ruin the game for everyone else. Like i said in my post there are merits but the costs are way too high. You raid the alpha? No reward most loots body vaulted etc etc. If you arent actually involved in the pvp and dont know whats going on i can see how this seems good on paper or in pve. I wish the devs had an employee just playing the high pop PVP servers so they knew what the real metas are and whats happening.

everyone will have body vaults until FC gets rid of the hackers, can’t do anything 'bout it

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