Exploit or viable tactic? Massive number of family shared Steam accounts


This is happening on the official PvP server we play on. So the latest thing we have had to deal with is a 2 man clan that does not build bases at all. They are using a large number of steam family shared accounts to store everything. They simply place all their crafting stations in the open world, craft what they need, pick up their stations and newly crafted loot, and then body vault everything. So they never have anything out in the open world to raid. They store everything on body vaults.

Just over the past 3 days, they have created another 15 steam accounts to store everything.

My question is, does Funcom consider this a bannable exploit? Or does it get a free pass?



You can do the same with buying the game on fews reals steams accounts. It cost only 20 EUR during discount. So the problem is not family shared accounts.

To avoid body vaults, I think we must store all items and sleep naked. At server restart all inventories are deleted.


The problem is not family shared accounts? Totally disagree. There is no monetary cost for doing this. Like I said they have created 15 more accounts in the last 3 days!!! If they did that with paid accounts, it would cost over a thousand dollars and they would would not be doing this.

You can only share the game with five family sharing accounts per game license. So your opponents may have bought more licences or they are more people. Funcom does not take any offense in that afaik. There is nothing about that in the terms of use of the official servers at least.

Body vaulting is a very common tactic on officials, this is for sure. Perhaps not everybody who does it admits it, and some people might not care so much about loot, but experienced players use this tactic usually to store valuable things you need to rebuilt after a raid for example.

Living only from body vaults, without any base, sounds a bit painful, though. Every time they want to access the inventory they will have to wake up that character and then everybody will be able to access it. So you might want to “drink a stealth potion” and spy on them a little…

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Ah so then we are dealing with possibly up to 3 real players. Thanks for the info. Evidently it is not too painful for them. They openly brag about not being raidable and constantly try and raid us.

What I would like to know however, is abusing family sharing like this considered an exploit or not? Can anyone from Funcom confirm?

should be very easy to adress, a character going offline for more than 168, only keep his hotbar gear & armor equiped. after 168h inventory work like building decay timer, erased if no logging.

body should be visible for 168h by other players, was the case in past, body were not despawning every 24h. if think they changed that to optimize server, but… open door for exploit.

actually game is totally broke because of that, and THIS IS an exploit worst than undermesh, it is possible to raid undermesh, it is not possible to access a body vault in actual state of game. a clan of 10 people can use 40 body vault which equal 20 vault of stockage totally unaccesible for other player, they just have to log just before server restart to get assets, and when server restart, poof they become invisible.

and yes would be interested to hear from funcom about that. but they probably know the problem as in past they tried to block familly account, but it was a problem with role player people on rp server that use familly account for having different role playing characters, on pvp server this a huge exploit that all bastards use.

May be the best is to use a family account body vault … placed undermesh. You can not build but you can put a body and log off.

To solve all of this, we simply need an admin for every server, with server tools to check players, buildings, etc …

Like in real world, rules and police are necessary.

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this is what exploiters already do, funcom cannot do admin, it has to be balanced inside game, and solution is simple. for which reason a vault should decay in 168h, and not the body inventory of players who do not connect for 168h?

Not really a solution In my opinion, it’s not hard to safely refresh an alt account in the current state of the game. I do agree with the going back to 168h like it used to be. I also like the idea of deleted inventory upon server restart, it goes hand-in-hand with the whole “log off in a safe spot” as stated in the loading screen messaging.

Part of the Problem is since the funcom live update bodies have been instantly bodyvaulting since server restart.

If you want to viably pvp- Join server where PVP times is early for you (now Region apparently doesn’t matter at all and discussing it is Racism), Do all your crafting post raid but pre restart time, Bodyvault all your thralls, Fight during raid, rinse repeat.

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p much just exploited bc its free accounts to script and whatnot that they dont trace back to you

will be better than the actual state, there is some who are using body vault on more than 30 server actually, if the body doesn’t despawn for 168h, you can find it and kill it and game will be balanced. when body despawn, inventory of the body is lost (only armor and what is in taskbar is kept)

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