Steam family share is TERRIBLE IDEA

Hey, allowing this game to be used via family share just opens the door for ppl to abuse it by using alt characters and metagaming to hell and back. I dont have a problem getting raided. I have a problem getting raided and not having anyone to get back at because someone uses an alt account to remain anonymous. something really needs to be done about this.

It’s always the same, some will exploit it, others find it a chance to try different builds, or rp different styles without scratching previous builds. It’s part of Human nature, some use it for good others will exploit it.

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I noticed because I am not naive.

Why dont you guys make a trial version of the game, and have trial only servers or something? You guys would actually bank MORE money if you made the ppl that really want to maintain multiple accounts to pony up and put money where mouth is.

I’m using deduction. When people are raiding with lvl 19 characters and a seemingly unlimited supply of bombs, and it happens regularly over time on the same server, its a pretty good indication that someone is MOST likely creating alternate accounts and abusing family share. It’s too STUPID easy to do. Players will do ANYTHING to gain an upper hand in games like this. Are you seriously suggesting that people are NOT doing this, and that this is NOT a problem?

If you’re actually suggesting that, I would be questioning your motives to seriously overlook simple logic here.

So in order for my wife, my two kids and me to play the game, I have to buy 4 copies of the game. That’s clearly not in my book, just because others make a use of a steam feature it’s not intended for. Seriously?

I think there are other exploits in the game that need to be looked up rather than this. And I’m not sure if it’s funcom or steam policy, but I seriously doubt that’s do anything to remove it. Don’t mean to be picky really, just realisticaly looking at it,you’d have to think of the consequences of removing it. It must not be such a simple desition because of an exploit in a game.

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That would be totally legitimate and I would support that if that was used to exploit. Would make me have to play just one char at a time, which reduces my gameplay possibilities, but if it basto be that way in order to prevent exploits, ok. Though I’m not buying the game 4 times, that’s for sure.

So wait… The idea is…

Player A is level 60. They create a few unlocked chests/a vault in some hidden location. Then they fill that with explosives.

They create an alt account. Level it to say 20, and this is Player B. Player B takes items from the unlocked chest, attacks everyone, and you don’t know who to attack in retaliation because the supplier differs from the attacker.

Is that the correct idea? If so… How can you prove it’s not 2 separate people who are friends? Or someone with 2 steam accounts and 2 copies of the game?

I just don’t see how tou can blame this on family share, when the same thing can be accomplished by 2 people working together.


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