This server does not allow family sharing, What?

**Game mode:**Online official
**Type of issue:**Misc
Server type: | PvE-Conflict
**Region:**EU region

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  1. I am trying to log on to official 6454 an i get this message “This server does not allow accounts using family sharing to connect!” WHAT is this??? Is it something the new owners ‘chinese’ have done? I have buildings on both 6454 and 1090 so if i cant login to them not using my original char, how the … do i do to maintaine those buildings???
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So what does this mean?? I can’t ever use my chars?

That is correct. On servers that do not allow family sharing (all official servers) you can only play via a steam account that directly owns a license for the game.

You either need to only play using the main steam account or you need to find servers that allow family sharing.


go garbage now I can not enter to play it does not let me in I lose everything I played 370 hours of game lost because they do not let me in because I use the family loan because I have two accounts on my pc, you are scoundrels, I also try to enter with the main account and it tells me authentication error, above all I cannot enter and play, it is incredible that you do this to me and I lose everything I played so many hours of play,

Well this is crap, did you advertise about this earlier? My family char is clan leader and she got the best gear on her, how do you suggest i get the gear back and how do you suggest that i demote her as clanleader so my original char can be leader?? That you have not thought about?. And to be honest this thing that ppl abuse the familyplying i dont think is true, this started when the chinese bought the game, they only want to sell more games. If it has been a problem why didnt Funcom change this??

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Yes, this has been announced weeks ago that it was coming. You can thank the cheaters who abused the family sharing system to get around their bans for this change. Some people just like to ruin things for everyone else.


This is totally crazy…
I’ve been playing for over a year, 800 something hours and now I’m about to lose everything I farmed and built??
I had a secondary steam account which I never use but had mistakenly purchased the game on that one because it was logged in on an old laptop. Didn’t refund it because I could just share it to my primary account. I’m the only person who plays or has ever played this copy of Conan.
Now I can’t do anything except buy the game again?? Steam won’t transfer the game, won’t refund it so I can repurchase And won’t even respond to a support ticket…
This is pretty damn close to criminal… not only stealing my character/game from me but also stealing the purchase cost…

Is there nothing Funcom can do for players in my position?
How is this being allowed to happen??

You have a solution, buy the game with your primary account that share the game with the second account. Then you can access you character again.

The game only cost 13 EUR on the last offer on september, and black friday is coming soon.

Waiting for this, you can refresh the timer of your base by just placing a bomb on it with another account or another player on the server can do it.

What I don’t understand…

If you guys have so many hours, and so much time invested…
Why haven’t you bought the game already?
Why aren’t you buying it now?

It’s a pretty simple solution. Buy the game. You like it. You don’t want to lose your stuff. You obviously don’t own the game. So buy it.

Unless of course, you’re one of the cheaters they’re trying to get rid of. Then you can just suck off because no one cares about you.

The solution is really just binary. Figure it out.


What I don’t understand is why don’t you log with that account and continue playing? You said they are both yours.