Family Sharing Disabled - What Options Are Available?

Hey guys,

First I know the gauntlet without having access to Family Sharing that many are facing right now sucks. The opinions of the decisions is not the purpose of this thread. This thread is meant to try and provide alternatives for immediate relief since we do not have a current ETA on when the decision will be reversed.

I am 100% ignorant when it comes to this stuff, so I’m going to be leaning on the community to fill this thread with any and all possibilities known and not yet known.

  1. Green Man Gaming still has an active sale. At the time of this writing it only has 11 hours left, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for people to jump on. But it’s an option.

Note: I don’t really know how a second account works, I have just read a lot of people making a statement that “if I had known this decision was coming, I would have bought a second copy.” That is the purpose of the sale link.

  1. The Pippi mod has some tools to allow players to hop out of clan and into another clan for building purposes. If you need help with this, here is Pippi’s discord where veteran Pippi users can surely offer advice with this.

Joshtech (Pippi author) told me about this one, I’ve never used it. So if somebody could reply to this thread on the steps necessary that would be great.

  1. Ask private server admins to temporarily disable decay on their servers.

  2. Possibly get in contact with the server owner for the “Exiled-RP” server. They use a mod and some sort of server script for character switching. Here’s the mod link.

Note: Character switching with a script and/or mod may only work if it’s on the same Steam Account. Again, count me as Mr. Ignorant, I’m just trying to post whatever options I’m hearing about. On that note, you may also try the Server Admin Discord to see if anybody has tricks up their sleeve there, though that’s obviously only going to be useful for server owners and admins.

If other options are presented, I’ll add to the list. For now try to keep this thread as to it’s purpose and come up with creative alternatives that you can think of. Thanks for your help.


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