Requesting assistance with console commands

I am experimenting with a dedicated server and would like to transfer back and forth between EL and Siptah. Both servers are up and running but my concern is that upon return to one server or the other, I will no longer have access to my belongings (e.g. buildings, benches and loot chests). Is there an admin command that I can use to force (re)join my clan? I have skimmed through the command list on the wiki but it is just a dump of every command and it is a HUGE list. I fear I may not recognize the command I need, if it indeed exists. Any help is greatly appreciated.


A better way would be to use the mod Pippi
It allows you to join and leave clans at will, among many other Admin features.

I’m not running two servers, but I have a family account that gives me another character.

I use Pippi to join / leave clans at will, it makes it easier to run the tests I do on my little server.

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Hmm, I might give Pippi a try. However, the more I think about it, the more questions arise. I am playing solo, so I will have to leave clan in order to transfer servers. Decay is disabled but there will be no clan for me to rejoin. Will Pippi help with that too or do you have another suggestion for this dilemma? My end goal is to simply transfer to and from Siptah as often as I like without having to purchase a second copy of the game to hold belongings.

If you’re playing on steam, just make a new steam account.
then family share Conan with yourself. You wont be able to play on Officials with a Family Share account.
But nothing is stopping you from making another character on your own server.

Then just leave the extra character (or characters one one each server) in the clan, it will hold the clan open, and Pippi can adjust who is clan leader.

There are a few mods that allow transfer between servers but there complicated. U should take a look at them.

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I’m assuming you mean Amunet’s Server Transfer? I have had my eye on that mod ever since Funcom started talking about server transfers, and it sounds like a good mod. However, to be honest, I would really rather use as few mods as possible. I was originally thinking I could overcome my hurdle with a simple console command, but on reflection, I no longer think that’s possible. Family share may be the best solution, however, I would rather not have to fuss with a second Steam account installed on my PC just to accomplish a simple server transfer. As it is, Conan is the only reason I installed Steam at all, I very much dislike Steam.

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The beauty of the family share method is those extra characters need not be active,
they are essentially place holders for the clans. You don’t need to mess with with the other account beyond adding one character per server.

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Amunets is really the way to go and its a small mod. It also preserves all your clan info and everything. Once you start using it you will he thankful you did.

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