At the connection Authentication failed error

Game mode:Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type :PvP

I am French and my English is not good. With the new patch I can no longer connect while the family mode is deactivated. the game was given to me by a friend … i don’t know if it came from there but anyway i can’t play anymore

Firstly, your English is better than most native speakers of the language so kudos!
Second, it was in the patch notes that family mode is no longer supported on official servers. Private servers can still enable that option(currently) but Official servers you will no longer be able to play on using the family account unless it’s the primary.

I have trouble expressing myself I think because I have never had the family mode to activate only the game was given to me by a friend and I thought that maybe the problem came from there but apparently not because of 'other players are in the same case as me

I am also failed to authenticate. Have restarted and updated everything. I own the game.

same too

I was able to log in and play while I didn’t do anything to … I don’t understand but it’s working for me for the moment

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