Why are alt accounts allowed?

I just want to know why it’s not against rules to do this. Seems I never get attacked by anyone straight up, it’s only people who are brand new to the server. This makes it impossible to attack them because all they have to do is delete their char when they are finished.

Last night I was on a Conan pvp server where raid times were only 8pm to 11pm, friday and saturday night. I had built a hidden base on top of a huge boulder, between J&K row 3 that lasted several weeks. One night I log on to see it raided by a duo clan, both under level 30. You can’t even get explosives until a much higher level. On that specific server, xp rates are high so getting to lvl 25 took 20 minutes.

So i thought to myself…how did 2 noobs that just joined the server, find my hidden base, somehow got explosives, went back to my base, AND looted me clean all within like an hour? Only reasonable explanation is that they were scouting me out beforehand, and used alt accounts to do the raiding

Also…All of my thralls were set to attack anything, yet they were all alive at the end. It was a 8x8 box base with around 20 beserkers, no kill feed in my log. Yeah i’m starting to think they used very sus methods because SOMETHING should have died in my base lol but it seemed like they just picked me clean and left.

Don’t think this is a alt account issue, more like a cheat/glitch abuse kind of trick tbh
Just write the admin of your server about this problem, cause I bet this wasn’t on official right?


It’s not too difficult to avoid thralls if you just stand on stuff and place your bombs from those spots. If you left your chests open and not locked…yeah no problem and they could clean you out real quick. Now sub-30 level raids. Orbs are available @ 25. If you have a T1 building, it can go pretty easily using grease and demonfire orbs. So before we talk about nefariousness, lets address the feasibility of an legit assault. Also if you are in EL, you are talking about a very well known location that is usedfor a massive hanging base. If anyone tried to do that and come across “land is already claimed”, they can climb up and see you.

Forgot to mention, i had a full t3 base. And is that location on exiled lands really that popular? It was at the edge of the map very high up, I thought I hit a base location goldmine lol

Are you the only person in your clan?

That spot…no but underneath it. That slanted slope was posted on YouTube

With the non-standard raid times you listed you have to be playing on a private server. If you’re talking about alt-accounts via family share, that can be turned off via a server setting by your admin. If you’re talking about players purchasing multiple copies of the game, I don’t think there’s much that can be done about that.

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Family sharing is disabled on public servers. Having an “alt” account means you paid for a copy of CE and why would Funcom be against making money? I have two “alt accounts” I use and have bought and payed for both accounts. One is actually my boyfriends account, but I use it since he is deployed.

The OPs situation has nothing to do with “alt accounts” obviously, as he states that his thralls did not defend his base, so you can assume it is some kind of hack or the server admin is involved.

I don’t personally have a problem with purchased alt accounts, though I do disallow family share accounts on my private server. I would probably think about how to respond if a player was using multiple copies of the game to do something I considered shady.

Sounds like op is playing on a private server, so if the behavior is that problematic they should consider taking to their admin about it.

It’s also entirely possible they just raided the base without killing any of the thralls and got the explosives from another base that was decayed.

Hacking/cheating doesn’t have to be the answer for everything bad that happens to you.

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I use the accounts to boost my NPC count for my guild. Currently I have myself, my alt account, my boyfriends account, and a good friend in my guild. ( He plays on another server, but helps me when I need it )
Originally I was going to use my alt account to go to Siptah and gather resources, but I just do not feel like going thru all of that. I am not so hardcore at gaming that I need to have the best of the best of everything.

Sorry I think i should have said family sharing accounts on steam. I used to be on Xbox and 1 raider would have like 3 fake accounts he’d use to raid. I’m assuming the same happened here but with steam.

But if this is allowed…why would anyone ever play pvp? haha

Well when I’m a new PC user and i’ve played games like GTA, Rust, Ark, Tarkov where every 2nd lobby you join has someone hacking…yeah it’s not unfair to assume this lol

Yesterday I talked to the admins and they in fact did have proof of them undermapping some guy in the snow, so case closed. I’m just gonna go to pvE from now on because people cannot play by the rules :slight_smile:

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Now you know why some us couples only play PVE.
A lot less hassle

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Yup. Big reason I stick to single player more often than not in just about every game I play is because people just refuse to behave themselves and it causes problems for everyone.

Stop playing with yourself. Come out into the big wide world and get pissed on like the rest of us.

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