Body vaulting needs to stop

I hear alot of people say its fine to body vault but its contradictory to the theme of the game.

  1. Make a clan
  2. Build a base
  3. Dominate the server

Once the server is wiped an Alpha clan will seek another server. If that Alpha clan wishes to maintain there alpha status on x server they need to stay active.

It makes zero sense for Alpha clans to wipe a server than move on to another server and body vault all there loot. If you won the server let it decay or let others keep it.

Ive been in several wars where the opponent feels they will lose so they abandon and body vault. This should not be an option your body should die after server reset if you want loot than you have to protect it, if live pvp servers is too much for you make some friends start a clan and help each other protect your loot. If that doesnt work join a private server.

This is the reason why so many official servers are dead. Alphas move on and store there loot instead of defend it when a new challenger arrives.

My suggestion is simple, loot needs to be defended and others need the chance to take it from you, upon server reset your charecter dies. You want to take a break well its official pvp than there is a risk you may lose it so form a clan and defend your loot with your buddies.

No point in building up bases leveling thralls if players overnight can body vault their entire bases like cowards.

Also when an entire server unites against 1 clan that is no reason to body vault, Its Conan pvp not roleplay this is what makes the game unique. Either despawn everything or accept defeat.

The least that can be done for official servers is remove body vaulting to make clan wars matter.


r u talking from pvp or pve perspective? cause for pve its fine! at least when for any reason u may decay (lets say someone cannot login due to work hours or a trip) u can return with something to start up again and not having to grind everything from scratch…
if u talk from pvp perspective i thought that when u kill the body u can loot it also (correct me if i am wrong…)

Im focusing on PVP official servers, in pve or conflict i dont really have an opinion but on pvp clans are on the brink of defeat and they cowardly body vault and delete all there thralls with an option to pop back in 3 months later with a body full of bombs and gear etc. A complete waste of time playing in a server with amateur clans like this. If you see a guy named Savage Ali or underworldspark dont even waste your time fighting them this is what they do.

Too many other cheese to fix before taking the one thing that someone can do to protect their assets, IG. Make strategy more important than the ability to grind 24/7…end foundation sweeping to protect those that are actually artistic and creative enough to hide in plain sight…but to complain about folks doing the one thing they can do when some group with nothing to do and enough free time to just sit on the game 23.95 hours a day…sorry no I disagree.

If you dont have time the solution is simple give up the clan or loot its a live server or its not. Pve conflict is for those that dont have the time or private servers with more flexible raid hours and rules.

PVE conflict is the ugly stepchild of the game and if you are playing console, it’s the ugly stepchild of the ugly stepchild plus your point is irrelevant…strategy should mean more than grind regardless of style of play. As I said, you get rid of the one thing that a clan can do when a group of bored and skilled players that can literally commit constant resource farming come on the server with the sole purpose to just disrupt the status quo…yeah not feeling the pain there because I would rather have the old timer waking up with resources than grinders…go with the devil you know.

Its still contradictory to the point of the game especially pvp servers.

  1. The point is to build a 10 max player clan
  2. Raid and wipe people and amass loot.

This is the selling point of the game.

Body vaulting basically eliminates the whole purpose of the raid. Id have no problem tracking down the loot but what is happening is that overnight there is no loot because it has been glitched off the map via body vaulting. The loot is the trophy of the hard work and time a clan puts in during a war against another 10 man clan.

If you want to complain about small clans or single players that dont have time to defend ive always been suportive of including a safe haven for small clans or solos where they cant get raided example: set city should be a place where each player has a room with a limited amount of boxes where they can network and accummalete before heading out to build in a dangerous map. If they need a break well then pack up and store limited amount of loot at set city with the exception of bomb materials.

I agree with you bottom points, but

This is not the point of the game. The point of the game is have fun. Not everyone is a barbarian. Also. Raiding people is fun, and can likely be fun for both parties. Wiping people is parasitic, and makes some people quit the game. Encouraging raiding should be a goal, as should preventing wiping. Some prefer to build to protect their lands from the Barbarian onslaught.

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So the game lets you summon avatars, bubbles, followers, weapons, armor, bombs so you can build and hide? I understand if you choose to be a pacifist, we generally leave solo or peaceful players alone but when a server wiper clan shows up your gonna need another clan to handle them not hide and abandon the server. If you cant 100% wipe a clan than they will return when no one is watching.

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