[PVP] Was body vaulting intended for long safe storage of items?

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I do not think body vaulting was originally intended as a storage method for players, but rather a server health maintenance system. How it’s utilized in PvP seems to me to be textbook emergent gameplay.

With server transfer body vaulting should become the dominant meta. While there is a 7 day countdown, it’s safer than any base, doesn’t have to risk violating the more aggressive TOS enforcement, and can be accessed and moved at will.

I agree that it is counter to actual PvP (my understanding of CE PvP) and I have no clue if it’s intended by FC.

I will say, if they can’t (or won’t even try) to balance sieging/defense then maybe we are better off with a body vault meta. Can’t be offlined and less building spam I guess… :man_shrugging:

Thank you . I will do that next time.

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I interpret “all caps” as shouting. I think a lot of people do.

I don’t disagree with your point that a perfect implementation would probably strip players on a PvP server of their valuables after a period of inactivity equal to or greater than the decay time setting of the server.

In software development you rarely build what’s perfect. Instead you aim for good enough. Sometimes what you thought was good enough turns out not to be. That’s when you go back and patch what you did previously.

Funcom clearly did take a second look at body vaulting and did patch out some behavior that they thought was overly detrimental to the game.

If you think they didn’t go far enough the best you can hope for is to convince them of that. But given all the other issues, is being able to body vault one character on a PvP server really that big of a deal?

This is the point I’d challenge you on. A character that’s body vaulting on a PvP server is doing one of two things. They’re either giving up on that server and stashing their stuff away for a future return when conditions are more favorable or they’re living the nomadic lifestyle.

How are either of those bad things? I’d rather a player stash their stuff with the intent to return rather than give up entirely on a server. Living the nomadic lifestyle comes with huge downsides and is often the most accessible play style for players that don’t have the time to compete directly with “poopsockers.” Again, why is this problematic?


I am not concerned with the body as much I am concerned what is on the body. If we going with the reason to excuse an unintended result of a server maintenance system then the answer seems simple on a PvP server in that if your body disappears your character Dies . Look at this as starving to dead after a long coma or fatal dehydration due to comatose state for too long.

They can stash their stuff on their body. But on a pvp server stuff on your body is supposed to be vulnerable to attack and theft. It is in the server settings even

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I can already hear the screams of people being kicked from a server for several technical reasons while being over encumbered and the next time they are able to login they have lost a lot of stuff :slight_smile:
Personally I have sometimes packed my char with the most necessary stuff to start up a new base, and let the rest decay if I wanted to take a break for some time instead of just refreshing the old base… I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you on the over encumbered char when being offline :slight_smile:


like I said, if I want to take a week off from pvp, it let’s me keep stuff away while be offlined. Fix offline raiding, then we can discuss nerfing body vaulting.


I would say we also need more defenses, but a week off ? I can see being in a clan and taking a week off and expecting maybe to have my stuff when I return, but guarantees on a pvp server of keeping your stuff ? They are not supposed to by everything I’ve heard from Funcom when it comes to pvp servers exist. Life is a struggle on pvp servers from the npcs and especially from other players. Body Vaulting is a direct contradiction of that spirit. It is not like you can’t respawn and I know the drag of having to farming more stuff, but that is life on a pvp server.

Look at this way, you just raided someone and walked off with all their stuff. You stole their stuff that they farmed with their time . Should they not always have the same opportunity to take it back from you ? Why should you be protected by the server when they were not. Also, they were online and vulnerable for you to take their stuff, but now turn about is not fair play ?

Now it is possible you are talking about stuff you farmed and want to squirrel away for awhile. Fine, but this is the mode (PvP) you chose to play out of others that this is not a risk. I am sorry, but in my opinion nothing can be 100% safe for a pvp server to function.

So is offlining…pvp…players vs players, not players vs logged off players. Again if I want to spend a week with my daughter in Florida, I’ll stash my body somewhere to avoid being offlined.

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And you body can be killed and anything on it lost to someone or something else if you choose to play on a pvp server . Again, offlining is a problem that needs corrected, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

It’s not 100% safe. Your body doesn’t disappear immediately. It sticks around for a while. I’m not sure what the exact value is, but unless things have changed wildly in the last nine months, it’s at least a few days.

Ok, but does that truly matter ?

So, in a few days your body is whisked away to some safe realm, where is that written to happen in the game? Again I am looking at the server settings as a basic set of basic rules that the game is supposed to be governed by . And listed in those rules is a rule specifically stating: your body remains in game.

I totally agree with you here. If the game wants to retain players long term there needs to be accommodations made for players that can’t log in every day and for those that need to be gone for periods of time longer than the decay timer setting.

Or, you could view the text used to describe the server setting as an approximation of what was actually implemented as no one wants to read a paragraph of text when looking at server settings in a ui?

Look, your logical argument is consistent. I just don’t understand why you would want to implement that in the game. What’s the point? To make an already punishing and grindy game more punishing and more grindy?

I’m asking you to explain what the specific harm is that’s being done to you as a player (or other players in general) because body vaulting exists. Not some legalistic interpretation of the rules as written. The actual bad thing that’s happening and why that thing is bad.

I don’t really have a problem with that as a solution, mostly because I don’t thinking body vaulting is good for PvP.

However, I think it is undeniable that this emergent gameplay came about as a result of deficiencies in PvP systems. If we were to remove body vaulting as an option, those deficiencies will be exacerbated - which could be worse than body vaulting (arguable imo).

Its simple, Pvp most times comes down to resources and the speed those resources can be claimed or reclaimed to or from combat to be used to strengthen or weaken your opponent players position. After they destroy your builidngs, destroy your spawn points (bedroll, bed), and kill your character you are then respawn point is set to one of the points at the beginning area of the map to start anew your journey to survive.

Again this is a pvp server so Players are one of your chief opponents to survival. If they can maintain their position invulnerable with their resources which are also invulnerable safely tucked into their character in the void of protection then they are free to just pop back into existance from a place of perfect defense.

They will begin again with no warning and attack much, much faster and effectively against you all the while you are fully visible and attackable by others so you don’t have time to wonder when you are going to return from your portal of protection from behind the lines .

I do think @Sairdontis has a point with their concerns. With build restriction enforcement on the rise, body vaulting is the closest we can get to “unraidable bases”. If players move towards that strategy, PvP becomes less and less about building and siege, and more roving skirmishes. Whether or not that is good or bad depends a lot on your definition of CE PvP, but it does diminish the value of a core system (building).


Thank you . Why build a stronghold when your body and a server (bug?) allows for perfect defense and protection of you and your stuff.

My main issue is that this solution is also portable (anywhere you body can be left) and there is very little restrictions on what and how much can be stored on you at the ready with no counterplay at all by other players.

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Personally I have never seen body vaulting as a problem in pvp, I’ve never cared about what loot was hidden or if I even got good loot, for me it was the thrill of the fight that mattered :slight_smile:
What I lost in a raid or fight… I lost and never expected to get it back, I played pvp for the good fights and online raiding, that was driving factor for me in CE pvp or any other pvp game for that matter :slight_smile:
That said I haven’t played pvp on official servers for a very long time, mainly because of hacking, cheating, offline raids etc. so I may not be the most reliable to talk about what should and should not be for pvp in this game, all I know is that it quickly became a hot mess already in ea and it hasn’t become better since then.
I have actually reached a point where I believe that pvp is sort of holding the gamer back from what it could be… I know it isn’t fair, but still all the nerfs/changes and things that they couldn’t do because it could hurt pvp, at least on official servers… Well I better shut up now before I dig myself too deep :rofl: