Q about battlepass unlocks

Ive 100% the battkepass.

I’ve unlocked a bunch of arcane building items and decorations, like the arcane sanstone and stonebrick stuff and braziers etc.

When i try to build these items, they dont appear in the construction menu or the Artisian bench.

So i looked where you spend knowledge points and the main categories of Ancestral knowledge (Apprentice, Journeyman and Master) are all unlocked (Green), but the specific items in each category are not (tan) and i cant spend points to unlock them because they’re all set to 0 points needed.

So, IDK what’s going on.

I know this os confusing, so hopefully you understand what im trying to say. Lol

Thanks so much

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A couple of things to try.

Have you pressed claim on the battle pass items?

Have you unlocked them in the Ancestral knowledge section?

Sometimes they just take a while to show up though, maybe try doing a console/PC reset. Not a yellow lotus though as apparently that’s still bug… Erm i mean not working as intended :smiley:

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The most important question… Have u bought the battle pass??? U have completed the exp to get it to lvl 60 ,but have u bought it? If not only the items marked as free r obtained …

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Yes. Ive claimed everything.

In the Ancestral Knowledge screen, like i said, ive unlocked the main categories and they are green, but the individual items they unlock are still brown amd i cant do anything with them.

I have respec’d with yellow lotus potion, but was unaware of the bug you referred to.

What does it do?

Thavks again.

Lol. Yes i bought the BP.

I have heard that the yellow lotus bug sometimes wipes all knowledge including Siptah recipes and sorcery spells.

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