Q = "Repair" and Q = "Quick stack" // Just remove the REPAIR!

Q = “Repair” and Q = “Quick stack”
In the chest, in the workbench…
Q - Reair and Quick Stack
What happens when you press Q?

Quick Stack is for storing inventory in chests.
The Repair is aimed at things in the inventory and God forbid they will be repaired by accident!
Just remove the REPAIR from the “Q”, it gets in the way!

86 days have passed. How many years do you need to fix the bug from April 2nd?
Any server, because some addict made the same hotkeys for actions that are trying to be performed at the same time.

Which server? Any server. If you really need a number, - official 6422, Siptah, PVE.
What mods: none, there are no mods on the official servers.
Just try to play your game and make sure your product is ruined.


Sort of like making Q pick up from your dead body/chests and also for locking on to enemies, ya that’s tons of fun.

They love Q.


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