Servers crush = Q(repair) + Q(quick stack) in inventory?

Servers suddenly crash, after which they disappear from the list of servers and reappear with a ping of 9999.

We have a problem with the “Q” keyboard shortcuts. When opening the workbenches/inventory menu, we see that at the same time the system has linked “Q” to “Repair” and “Quick stack”.
When we try to click on “Q”, we get a false window “no resources for repair”. I noticed that the servers often crash after that.
For example, if I open the inventory of my horse, I am asked to repair it. After which crush the official server. LOL
A similar problem occurs when opening the inventory of workbenches. It is possible that several players press Q at the same time, which leads to a crash.

I did this experiment several times and the server crashed several times. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it takes a lot of time to restore the server. In any case, I suggest fixing the dual purpose of the Q button in the menu as soon as possible.

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