Quality of Life Suggestion: Arrow Backlighting

As someone who uses arrows a fair bit, I’m kind of amazed that there isn’t an easier way to tell them apart a glance without hovering over them in the inventory/quick slots (at least for those of us on consoles), as a lot of their thumbnails look a lot alike.

My idea is -seeing as you can’t apply attachments to ammunition anyway- is perhaps some kind of background behind some of the specialist ammunition types, or even a color burst, like green (or green gas cloud) for poison gas arrows, yellow (or yellow flame/explosion image) for explosive arrows, purple for healing arrows, maybe the oil thumbnail pic behind the oil arrows.

Even a white burst for Light arrows maybe.


That would be nice!
I keep confusing the Bone with the Mandible arrows!


Quite a lot of the arrows look too samey in the thumbnails, after all.


Gotta say when you are fumbling trying to get a task done like raiding, that slight variance of green and red that you have to squint real hard to notice, is a bummer.

I agree that the images need a rework.


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