Explosive, healing and poison arrows share the same icon

I really can’t tell the difference between the three, unless I sort the inventory by name or hover over each arrow.

Due to the size of the icon, perhaps it’s too difficult to generate distinctive pics, but it causes me problems.

When I load the arrows into the toolbar for quick switching, I forget which is in each slot and have to open the inventory and hover as a reminder. Maybe I’m just to old; memory is the second thing to go :wink:

Anyone have a spare clue in case I’m missing something?




You’re absolutely right,
the differences between some arrows are very small and hardly recognizable as icon.

Reminds me of a puzzle in a magazine.

8 icons … can you tell who is who ?
a)Icon_arrow_corruption b)Icon_arrow_explosive c)Icon_arrow_aloe d)Icon_arrow_ivory e)Icon_arrow_light f)Icon_arrow_tar g)Icon_arrow_poison h)Icon_arrow_ivory
(The riddle’s solution is at the end of the magazine.)

If you could guess all 8 arrows without cheating then send your solution to:

Subject: I am a master arrow maker
Funcom Oslo AS
Kirkegata 15
N-0153 Oslo

Closing date is April 1st, 2019.

Something like that would be easier to distinguish.

Icon_arrow_tar Icon_arrow_poison Icon_arrow_explosive Icon_arrow_aloe Icon_arrow_light


a) Ancient Arrows ID:53616
b) Explosive Arrow ID:53617
c) Healing Arrows ID:53615
d) Ivory Arrows ID:51471
e) Light Arrow ID:53618
f) Oil Arrow ID:53620
g) Poison Arrow ID:53619
h) Quivering Arrow ID:50515


Hey @Jim1 and @SirBowen

Thanks for the heads-up, sending it to our team :slight_smile:


Anyone get close yet, @SirBowen ?

I cheated :wink:



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By the way, Quivering Arrows were also translated to German in a wrong way, (German: Köcherpfeile -> English: Quiver Arrows).

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