Specialist Ammunition I,II,III

Anyone discover those recipes ?

Those healing arrows look strangely similar to the poison arrows… I’m not sure I’d trust them.

In admin mode I can summon them, it is working very very fine, this is why, I would like to know where to find them or if it’s already implemented.

Hmm. They’ve been nerfing healing yet they have healing arrows. Quite strange.

I have no idea where to learn them.

It’s very usefull as it creat a cloud of healing, and you can be hit the healing is staying, very usefull for dungeons.

I would imagine so. But if the only way to get them is by cheating, you wouldn’t really need them in the first place.

I’m assuming it’s something they planned on adding in the future. As Specialist Ammunition II requires the first to be learnt, it seems like it would come from using knowledge points, not something you’d find in the world.

Judging by the description, healing cloud heals any creature standing in it, friend or foe alike. If Joel finds spending dragon powder to prolong fights fun - it’s up to him, but doubt people who actually play this game will agree on this.

NICE! i was thing about this for quite som time!!! healing arrow… it is little bit too much but arrows with all kinds of orbs are lovely! I would 100% switch to archer build with this arrows!

yet there is a huge “?”… this should not be available to everyone… Also, if this is how FC would like to upgrade bows, shouldnt be just better to increase flat DMG? Or make Strength perks clearly affecting Bow / arrow DMG?

So… while i really love this, i am not really sure if this belongs to Conan Exiles

I also see lighting arrows that will create light at point, exploding arrows, and tar arrows.

It’s weird that they have all those arrows working in the game right now when the basic fire arrows don’t even work.

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