Healing Arrows are OP (they are Hero Arrows)

Interesting that this is one item that doesn’t get mentioned in other threads about leveling thralls and raiding noobs. I disagree with thralls being too OP. Because it is just healing arrows that are OP.

There are healing potions that thralls could be made to use. A search on arrows doesn’t index anything for Conan. Hmmm.

You know where to focus the next nerf: healing arrows.

Yes, don’t touch the player damage or thrall damage!

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Good food and equipment and no need for healing arrows.Maybe on arena champion only arrows is needed



I’m thinking food (as a potion) was overlooked as players get ready for any battle. For the fun of it, have a clan member cook such food on the stove. The ingredient could be aloe (or its potion).

work just fine in PvE. Not all powerful, not a wisp either.

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Same argument over the Lifeblood spear. FC nerfed it into Oblivion back in the day. It only took about 1000 Mother dragon kills to get one, but the “muh freedoms” whiners managed to get it nerfed, because they were too lazy or inept to get one.


Stop it.

I’ll tell you what needs nerfing…

The Nerf Hammer.

It’s far too powerful and destructive to PVE.


This isn’t about RNG drops. I get what your saying, though.

With other means to heal, there is no need to rely on such arrows. They are superfluous.

They got already nerfed… Healed the double amount before.


Another “this thing” is OP thread. As history shows us, it will just eventuate into a PVP vs PVE and who the nerf is most important for yelling match. The same tired old argument of someone believing their play style is the right one and everyone else needs to conform to their beliefs. Followed by the repeatitive ‘doing it for the good of the game’ lectures.

Here’s a not so novel idea that’s been suggested so many times before - if you don’t like them, don’t use them. But we all know that will be argued against ad nauseam. How dare anyone suggest they take personal responsibility for their game play and stop forcing their will onto others.

I’m so tired of ‘too OP’ topics being rehashed constantly. I think the only solution is to take everything away and only allow a stone, stick and skin to be equipped. Nothing will be too OP then.


Depends on the quality of your thrall, and the situation where you get them. A Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker with daggers, and a one-skull boss Relic Hunter in the Unnamed City almost killed my Exile follower. Three Cimmerians cornered and beat her up another time in the Mounds of the Dead. Both times, healing arrows saved her life. And that was before the nerf.

Dalinsia or Cimmerian Berserker can probably still take a Death Star blast in the face and shrug it off. But there’s life before you reach those levels of thralls in the game, too. Healing Arrows can be crafted at level 38.

Stop nerfing. Stop changing a great Game. Fixing existing bugs and improve the game performance. That’s all I want.


I hear ya. It still is a chariot ride through raids with healing arrows.

I stumbled on this by going through the log. I wondered how a single player got through guarded T3 so easily. Another nerf may remove the chariot ride.

Once the gods are re-enabled, I see no reason for the healing arrows. This is the way. I’m not looking to ruin your play, as the fallout should be fun. At the same time, both should be having fun. I think people are missing out on the avatar vs avatar battles.

Until then, where is the fun for BOTH sides?

And again and again… If for you the healing arrows kill your fun, please, just don’t use them. No one forces you to heal up your thralls. You can let them die if you want…


I don’t know if it is a troll post or what… Don’t nerf thrall damage but nerf healing arrows because those are OP?

is this post for real?

@Bundesfilmanstalt Again, it is a two sided issue. One side blames trolls while the other side was having fun until raided under fast decay. It is not like the raider will raid while someone is at base. By the time the raided sees what happened, everything decayed. The raider didn’t want the loot. (The player cries wolf so many times and then just leaves the server.)

@Mesket I’ve seen a player raid my base and only take loot. It was a big difference without the chariot. (Your post has another purpose.)

For now it is just funny, but I know i will tire of their “toxic” game play. (Quoting other players before they left.)

:innocent: With the thralls and pets the way they are now, there is no need for healing arrows. That is my opinion.

They made Archery a utility skill. This is an Survival MMO. But everyone just mostly solos or with a thrall.

Many implementation were made to try to get players to co-op the game. Because when you have a 40 person server and no one plays with each other you will not sustain a game.

So various means of improving the co op experience were added. Healing arrows were added for this.

Other implementation were the short sword with its very linear attack which had less chance of striking your friends.

FC posted that themselves. This isn’t some thing I just whipped up.

Healing arrows work and are effective and should remain the way they are, since Archery is a cruel joke now after they nerfed the only beneficial perk it had, when all they needed to do was make it only work with Ranged weapons as opposed to all weapons.

I have a T4 archer, and it picks the right weapon just fine. The main dials being played with “Attack Distance”, “Guard Me”, “Attack all enemies.” Just remember to switch them around different mobs.

I solo, too. These forums should not cater to one particular style of play (or tribe).

Healing Arrows are fine as is. My thralls still get killed by npc mobs. What is your real agenda here? I can’t believe someone cares about healing arrows and saving the mob NPCs.


Already stated:

I agree that everyone solos. This is its self why this game ebbs and flows. People join and leave after hitting 60 really. Because this is the loneliest multiplayer game on the market. For PVE C at least.