Quest problem A Deadly Habit

I recently killed Lady Zelandra with my guild but i didnt get the third part of the quest line to continue to ethram and get the t6 rune… I cant talk to lady after i we have killed her…

Did u talk to her in the room between the third boss and zelandra boss room? Dont rememeber exactly if thats where u do it but might be

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Sounds like you were too far away from the seal when it got destroyed. I remember a friend having issues with this for weeks as he always died outside of the questupdate range.

i went to talk to her but there was no question mark above her head…

what seal?

just stay near the middle of the room until Lady Zelandra leaves it with her guards, the quest should trigger correctly. you then need to talk to her in the little room up the stairs where she will wait for some time and then disappear. she will not talk with you in the lobby.

this is what i am trying to say… the quest is gone from my active quest log… i cant get it updated as it doesnt exist…

Make sure the other related quests are done. Shamrina/Wardiya. I’ve had the quest disappear from my quest log before, but never while breaking the seals.

they are all done…

Take a look at the top of your questbook, above Aquilonia, thereyou may find an unnamed triangle. At some point the T6-quest changes to that place in the questbook, and I think that point is defeating the lotus.
Anyway, if you did not speak to her after the fight between bossroom 4 and 3 you can do that at your next Raid.

nothing there… but thx…

did you just go f2p and had too many quests when you did the Zelandra encounter ?

not f2p and plenty of room for quests… i had the quest but it disappeared from my log… i have completed the first two parts of the questline.

it should be at the very top of your quest list, in an undefined zone

the only quest right at the top of my log is “On the kings behest”

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I have the same problem. The quest has disappeared completely from the quest log. I am not sure what to do now. I have not killed Zelandra yet. What did you do to update it, Qazareh?
So far, I am unable to obtain the next step in the quest line, “Breaking Barrier” (the 3rd), no matter to whom I am trying to talk. I have been playing for more than six months without even noticing that…

I had exactly the same issue, however after killing all bosses I still got the reward. Hopefully you have the same bug

A game master has answered my petition and restored the quest.