Question about Auto Regeneration

I play on Xbox One X and primarily single player in offline mode. I have a question about auto-regeneration as I see a lot of people have it (when watching streamers). At what level are most of you when you obtain this? I’m level 22 and haven’t really explored beyond the river in the lower region of the map. I’m waiting to hit level III in whatever that skill is, can’t remember, but damn, it’s taking forever since you can’t jump more than 1-2 steps at any given level upgrade. Any ideas on this? Is there another way to auto-regen?

The health regen comes with the attribute perk for having 30 Vitality.

You may be watching old videos. Regeneration was automatic back in early release but since launch it now is a perk with vitality.

There’s also a nice feature if you have entertainer thralls and spend a bit of time around them before going to explore where you get health regen buff. It’s not a bug and if this excellent feature is removed then I will probably stop playing.
Especially whilst you could lose your corpse and all the items you have with you without a moments notice due to dashboard crashes and vanishing corpses.

you are hunting elephants
crash to dashboard
character runs idiotically by itself
aggro’s a rhino, keeps running
rhino is attacking your character who is still running by itself as you try relog
thrall health regen kicks in, your character heals by itself
you’re still trying to log in
your character hits a cliff face and stops running
rhino poking your butt with its horn
you regen hp until your character leaves the game
you manage to log back in to find your character miles away from where you crashed, up against a cliff face with some of your HP left and a very angry rhino next to you
You didn’t die and lose your corpse
Praise Set

Btw I play on PvE where this buff is most welcome


I LOL’d at this HAHAHA

But yeah The Entertainer Thrall buff is amazing, I make sure I stand around base for at least 10 minutes to make sure I get all 10 stacks before I bail out and start conquering the Exiled Lands

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I think you’re right. I see that I need level 3 vitality for it, but damn, it takes so long to move the bar!!!

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Wow, had no idea. Thanks for the info. I’ve still got to build the wheel of pain so I can catch my first thrall. Iron is my enemy right now!

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Move farther North if Iron is your enemy. Either in the highlands or the desert cliffs beneath the highlands. Iron is literally everywhere :slight_smile:
When you eventually need steel, kill the mobs at New Asagarth. These mobs generally give 150+ steel bars at every visit. Just. Be. Careful. Because it’s easy to aggro 5+ and die really fast if they trap you in a tent or corner. (I place a bedroll near the entrance but doesn’t always guarantee you find your corpse safely.) (climb on roofs if it’s too much to handle)
But get those thralls first! Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the info. I’ve moved North past noob river, middle of the map, and have marked several nodes of iron and have figured out how to avoid the spiders. Now its just a matter of farming the iron to get through the story rqmts and upgrade my tools and armor.

Another question, sorry: About the bedrolls, I’ve put them down in an area where I might be killed and when I do die my body is typically far, far away. Lately I can’t even access my body as all it is is a shadow. Shouldn’t my death location be somewhere near the bedroll?

Yes when you die, you choose to respawn at your bed, bedroll or in the desert starting location. I’m not sure how long the bedroll lasts though.
Corpses can be buggy, I have completely lost several, especially inside the buildings at New Asagarth. You can try leaving the area quickly and then immediately returning to your corpse (to reload the area) which will often make your corpse visible but not 100% guaranteed. If you play with a friend, 99% of the time they can see your corpse when you can’t.

Strange. Even though I’ve picked to spawn at my bedroll it has never, ever happened. I always respawn at the location of my death. The weirdness in this game just mystifies me to no end.

If you play solo, i dont see a need for hp regen, well, since you are new and i have logged hundreds of hours in, i will teach you a thing or two.
First off, you need to know your limits, i know for now as a new player, it is hard to stay alive, so you invest in vitality, no big deal, but heres the thing, if you invest in vit, you are missing out on encumbrance, which you need to build your empire. depending on the place you choose to build (i defnitely discourage building in the frozen area for now), look for these things: Aloe/Large Scorpions/Elks/Elephants/Rhinos.
Aloe- creates Aloe extract which heals you
Large Scorpions/Elk- Pretty easy to kill when you know its attack rhythm, Elks has a bunch of hp so be patient.
Elephants/Rhinos - unless you are ready, dont fight them…
The animals mentioned above gives exotic haunch, which you can cook. These meat are one of the best meats for hp regen.

If you dont have exotic haunch, grilled steak is the way to go, easier to farm but wayyyyy less hp regen

Hi Jade, thanks for the tips!! Since my post I’ve managed to move my camp to the North Central, adjacent to where the giant spider hangs out. That’s where I’ve found several iron nodes, finally. I’m killing deer/elk, whatever they are, for the grilled steak as they’re plentiful. Haven’t run into any rhino or elephant yet, but I definitely want to level up before I tackle them. I’m concentrating on the journal now and completing them to help with leveling up, fortifying my camp, etc. I got nuked by a sandstorm the other night as my camp house had windows throughout. Who knew I’d be killed “inside” my house!!

I respec’d myself and spread out between encumbrance and vitality with a bit toward survival. As I progress I’ll stick to putting more toward encumbrance. I can see where that would help toward building and surviving as I continue my push north.

Thanks again for the help.

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