Question about building block decay (visible range)



If I build a 100 floor high tower connected to my main base foundation; the game stops rending the building blocks I think around floor 70 (all above that I can’t see from the ground and if I go up, I can’t see the foundation far below).

Q: To keep the decay timer high and not lose the top of my tower, do I really have to go up in the tower every 7 days or will the timer update based on me walking around at ground level seeing it is part of my main foundation and all one construction?


As far as I’m aware it shouldn’t decay, you’re in contact with the structure and the decay timer is for the overall building. That being said it may be different as you’re out of render distance. Personally I would make the journey up every week or so to make sure.


As long as it’s all connected, it’ll share the same decay timer (and you can refresh the top from the bottom of the tower).


A player I met on my server told me that he once built a tower can’t remember how high it was but he told me he got a message from someone from funcom telling him that he had to lower the tower or funcom would have to destroy it because it was messing the area up or something like that now I’m not sure if he was lying but I don’t see a reason why he would but let us know if you get a message about the tower


Aha, that would be rather weird, unless it was early days (I would at least think that they’d have some sort of limit within the game if that was a big problem). That aside, it seems I can’t build higher at the moment in any case; I have an issue with what I build simply disappearing after being built or not appearing in the first place… then if I try to build again I see an error of not being able to place the piece. After a few days I noticed some of those pieces appeared, maybe after a server reboot. This happened randomly on ground a week or so ago and up in the tower this weekend.


Yes this was a returning lvl 60 player I met he said he built it around the time game was released not sure if it was EA or when game was fully released


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