Question about durability loss on repair

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Repairing with a repair kit now damages the weapon or tool or armour to reduce the durability. I guess that was from an update.

Is there a way with a certain type of T4 crafter or station you can repair that total durability loss? For example I’m out of base and repair a tool so then it drops total uses by 10%, can I put it in a tinker bench with a certain thrall and the right materials and recipe to make it good as new again? So far I haven’t found a way by experimenting.

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Sadly not. I wish we could, and even suggested being able to do so this way when the beta version was up. I no longer use repair kits because of this change.

Throw your gear into a Garrison bench (50% cost reduction) and repair it in there. No durability loss, its very cheap, and works on broken gear as well.

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Exactly. Don’t use field repair kits for stuff you want to keep using, unless you’re in a hurry and absolutely need that weapon or piece of equipment working.

I use repair kits only for looted stuff with less than 100 % durability that I want to use for illusions. Illusions don’t care what the max durability is, only that the current durability is at 100 % of the current max.

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