Crafted weapons lose durability with kits, but not on bench in Age of War?

Pre-Age of War, from a materials standpoint, the game mechanic seemed to favor the use of top end kits to repair crafted weapons and armor.

Unfortunately in Age of War, when you use a kit, even crafted items lose maximum durability.

So repairing the item on the bench uses more materials, but the crafted item does not lose durability.

From my point of view, going to the trouble of making repair kits is completely disincentivized in Age of War.

Why farm the repair thrall for crafted items? Why unlock the repair kits for crafted items? Just fix the item on the bench.

I can understand that the legendaries should be degrading items, but should craftable items degrade when using kits?

If this mechanic is maintained, I will never make kits and always repair on the bench.

I recommend that crafted items be set to not lose durability when repaired by top end kits.

What do you think?

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Before, I used kit only in the middle of a dungeon… even then, I had a spare weapon, and repaired it all on the bench later… I will continue to do just that and also I do not use legendary weapon often. :wink:

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