Shouldn't all tools and weapons you can craft, be repaerable? Bindings of the dead

I get the whole change regarding legendaries, but how does it make sense, that i can craaft Bindings of the dead, but not repait them.
I don’t get the logic

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Have you tried repairing them in the crafting station?


Actually good point, I tried and it works. I just imagined, they should still be able to be repaired with grand master Toolkits as other crafted tools and weapons.
Maybe it was ignorant of me to expect consistency :slight_smile:

Yeah, the kits don’t work on anything marked as unique or legendary, regardless of whether you can craft it or not.

Also, don’t kits now reduce total durability, whereas repairing by hand doesn’t? I haven’t tested that, but it’s what I remember reading somewhere. Maybe I’m misremembering.

I still cant tell if this is a good or bad change , never really remember repairing my weapons to begin with . I guess this change is more for sp and pve . Since on pvp servers you never really hang on to gear for more than a thew days .

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