Grandmaster weapon repair kits won't work on legendaries

Evening everyone… Not quite sure if this is a bug or is it intended behavior, but you used to be able to fix about to break legendary weapons using the grandmaster weapon repair kit, but now I can’t.

When I try to do so, the game says “atjisnitem cannot be repaired”… That is the case of yog’s touch, aja’s bane, quake, etc, etc, etc.

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Intended behaviour, unfortunately.


Legendary weapons / armor can no longer be repaired as of age of war chapter 1.

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then what is the purpose of the grandmaster kits?.. are legendaries even worth farming anymore? … just a bunch of nonsense from funcom tbh.

When I heard what was happening farmed all the Legendary weapons I could find used them then give to thralls. @MightyZeus

I guess that’s the only option… Bunch of bs with unnecessary changes… Why “fixing” something that is not broken?

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For what it’s worth. Legendaries are easy to farm. Unnamed city bosses practically guarantee one of their RNG drops. Plus you got 6 standard boxes at the end of war maker, which has a shortcut that means you don’t have to fight anyone if you got thr inner sanctum key.

I’m still rolling in legendaries and have consistently found all the ones that I favor well before the durability ends on the one I carry. I was worried about it when it was announced but not anymore. The grind is significantly benn cut.

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Pretty sure the idea is to get people redoing content.

I mean, if you get a certain weapon from the big spider near the summoning place, then what’s the point of killing it after you get the weapon you wanted? That’s just a broad example, but I think it illustrates the point. You’re forced to kill him more later on so you have replacements when your weapon breaks.

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I like the idea of legendary weapons being temporary. It has made repair kits useless though. Fix your armor on the bench and it keeps 100% durability. Don’t use kits as it cuts it in half.

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