Question about summoning Gods

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Sorry if this is a noob question but I’ve never actually summoned a god on anyone before, anyway this is the scenario!:

Say I build up a tower of foundations and summon a Yog from on top of it, will Yog do damage to my own structures as it’s floating over the top of me or are my structures immune to its damage since I’m the one who summoned it, I just don’t want to summon Yog and then find the tower I’m standing on has collapsed underneath me and it kills me or something x_x


I summoned only in pve servers, one time tryed at base and all was good ,even when he attacked by sinking in, dunno about killing u… like spider god may kill u thanks to bugged spider eggs he drops… yog tho i dont think so, but i just usually summon them to endbosses ,where they can kill them without actually bug harming others - in exile lands : sinkhole and summoning ground, in siptah - floodlands near red mother, or grey one summoning altars to kill statue summoned bosses

If I’m picturing what your are describing right the yog will fall off the tower and down to ground level. As far as damage it may do some damage but won’t be anything to serious as it’s your god and your buildings

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Your structure will take damage and you will eventually fall and die. Another note the directiom your character facing is the direction it is summon. You can summon god in a building as long as it is not a game object.

Unless Funcom did some ninja secret nerf to Yog, this is wrong. Long ago we used a Yog off a tower to attack a sky base, and Yog stayed at the height you summoned him, with the ability to go a bit higher.

If you are still unsure, test it in single player to see exactly what will happen.

Thanks for the feedback so far :slight_smile:

I have tested it in single player and the foundations didn’t crumble beneath me but I wasn’t sure if that was only happening BECAUSE I was in single player mode.

Okay cool, I imagine as soon as Yog has been summoned on top of me and is ready to move once the summoning animation is complete, as long as I move it off the tower I’m standing on asap then my structures SHOULD be fine… hopefully…

Should be fine. I’ve summoned many gods within my own 2x2 box and never had any issues


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