SUmmoning an Avatar on PVE

What happends on PVE if you summon an Avatar. Will it remove the altar and only the altar or also what is around/connected to it?
Will it damage any of my things?

The altar along with the priest will be consumed. You will be given a “god token” (True name of insert religion).

You can use this god token to summon the avatar at any location on the map. Building damage is disable on PvE servers, so you should not be able to harm anything.


Altar and archpriest will be gone, any excess zeals will also be wasted (for example if u have 799 zeals in the shrine u will loose the 299 as they will be dropped in a bug like when u dismantle the shrine).

The token will be moved directly in the inventory of the member that ordered the action to begin on the shrine.
Avatar can be activated only on non claimed land, and will one shot EVERYTHING non player owned . He lasts one minute. The most impressive avatar (personal opinion here) is set when spawned inside forest area.
Useful only for steam achievement, and journey step.
For challenges and if u want to check em out, would definatelly advice to do it in single player with admin rights.


May I suggest summoning outside New Asagarth, and then wrecking the place? It’s a lot of fun.

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I can imagine, in cases like this it would be wise that more people join in the MoZ farming, because it’s too much effort for only one minute of fun. :sweat_smile:

I wanted to show my yog to a friend.

so I went to his base and made yog appear.

it was a bad idea.

I killed it’s elephant.

I think all animals are vulnerable to avatars.

Pve officiel

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