Question About The Agent System:



Does anyone know how to unlock more Active Missions?
After a few Booster Packs and a little luck, I now have a couple more Agents than I do available Mission Slots, and I cannot for the life of me find anything anywhere about how to increase the number beyond three. Are they unlocked over time? Is it a special drop? As you level your Agents? An Aurum/MoF purchase?


how you get second slot?

Not the Patron one


For mission slots, there seems to be achievements associated with them. If you want to check your achievement panel, you can find them there. Edit: I’m actually wrong here, these are supporting agent slots, which give you the passives, these do not seem to be mission slots.

You will get a new supporting agent slot for doing each of the following:

  • Get 1 agent to level 25

  • Get 10 agents to level 50

  • Get 20 agents to level 50

Now I’m highly curious as to how we get mission slots as well.


For the second mission slot, you simply need to get a second agent and it should open up. :slight_smile:


It looks like we can get 5 total (including the patron one). I suspect they are unlocked by advancing in the system. I bet we’ll get a special mission to unlock new slots once we level someone over a threshold.


For now it’s only 3 mission slots.


Ah! I missed that announcement. Thanks for the info, it explains a lot.


And just to be clear, for the achievements which was mentioned by @Cireous you get slots for supporting agents. :kissing: