Agent network questions

So I’ve just got to level 25 on my faction recruit and unlocked level 3 missions. At the moment all the missions I have in that level are afaik not worth doing: they cost more assets than they give and the rewards are not worth having to spam level 1 15m quests to regain the materials.

So on to the questions:
1: what does the timer mean on a mission? Is it time until it is replaced by a different mission, or does it signify something else?

2: Can doing a mission unlock other missions? If so it would be worth doing every mission exactly once to get all unlocks but currently there is no indication if I have already done a mission so I would need to keep a log outside the game. So am I wasting my time and agent resources doing all missions once or not?

Countdown means time until the slot is refreshed and new mission is listed. Doesn’t matter if you take the mission or not.

Higher tier gives more XP. And they contain better bags.

As for resources. On all tiers there are normal missions that cost exactly one more resource then they reward. So T3 missions that yield 2 resources always cost 3. The idea is often send agents that provide extra resource so it’s equal (or at least reduce costs).

(Then there are missions that rewards 4 resources, those costs 5. And extra missions that costs 2x resources but bringing special reward - mostly - on T3 that will be blue bag as primary reward).

But yes, run T1 missions, especially with resource agents (like Thomas, Martin, Astrid, Liam from common set). As T1 is yields 1-3 resources for no cost. And then spend those resources on worth higher missions.


Yes. It has been mentioned that there should be mission chains. I haven’t seen any evidence of them myself, but I’ve been limited in my mission selection by not having any agents who bring more resources or reduce resource costs. I would hope there’s some signifier on missions that unlock other missions, because there’s no indicator of whether we’ve done them before. We need at least one of those things.

At a bare minimum, there should be an indication in the mission debriefing that a new mission has been unlocked, and which one it is, or the random nature of the mission availability will make it nearly impossible to determine, even with several of us keeping spreadsheets of which missions we completed/succeeded and what was offered when.

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OK. There are at least two known mission chains that we know from achievements. But it is still unclear if we actually need to complete the earlier missions to unlock the new. Or if there are more mission chains than those. Also unclear if a ‘complete’ is enough or a ‘success’ is needed.

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