Question about the Iron Truncheon

I’m playing single player coop and now I can knock out thralls with just one hit regradless of tier or named and if they are standing close to each other i can knock two out with just one blow…so like for example i can now just walk into with it just knock everyone out with ease…is it working as intended or a bug

No, this isn’t intended. Thralls are not so easy to knock out right now.

Do you use some mods ? If yes, maybe one affect your settings, and make the truncheon way to strong, or the thralls way to weak.

Or did you drastically alter the settings ?

no this on xbox console so no mods…no change to settings in fact i even went to admin panel and a reset the settings to default…only bug that happen before i start using it was moving a pet a greater heyna and i was attacked while moving him and just disappeared…

Hmmm, strange.

On pc, we can do what we call file-verification of the game. Sometime when it’s patched, something get corrupted, or lost. This may restore what is broken.
No clue how it’s working for your xbox, i’m sorry. :wink:

some how my game got corrupted i don’t why didnt try earlier but even with my basic one it’s one hit knockdown now so defintely broken no choice to restart game thanks which is said since im currently level 34 but oh well

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Hope you can figure it out, and have some fun !

Good luck !

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