Question about thralls for new patch

The way I understand, tomorrow’s patch will greatly affect the thralls that have already been placed in the world. But will this also apply to thralls that have been broken and are stored in a box? Meaning, they haven’t been placed yet.

And don’t place too many at once. There’s a high likelihood this patch will drop with a nasty bug included that will lock some or all your thralls at 40% chance to increase attributes on level-up. It’s unlikely that any placed thralls will be retroactively fixed, too.


Yes wait a few days to place them just to be safe

Appreciate the warning, I take it that the chance to improve is supposed to be higher?

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Yes. It varies, but I think 40% is the bottom, worst-possible level. Most thralls are somewhere in the 60-80% range, occasionally up to 100%. Though it seems getting a 100% thrall triggers every subsequent thrall stuck at 40% (on that attribute) for some gods-forsaken reason.


Multigun discovered and reproduced a quite massive bug.

If you have a thrall with 100% grow stat, every thrall (of the same type) after that will have 40% in that stat…

If you place enough thralls, you will have 40% on every stat.
Until the hotfix drops, only place thralls you really want to level up.

Also the bearers are broken too. A T4 bearer has 50% of the health of a T3 bearer… But the HP correction could be retroactive…

Sadly Funcom didnt give any answer to it… So its just guessing.


Thanks for the clarification. I was just taking stock of legacy thralls on my alt account when I noticed my old T4 bearer had dropped from 9,900hp all the way down 640hp! I knew that legacy thralls were supposed to be sub-par following the patch, but I didn’t realize they’d be actively nerfed like this. :frowning:

I was also pissed at this (seen at testlive), but @Mikey had a good reason for that:

There only exists 1 hp model for a thrall.

Before some patches ago, volcano thralls never had 7425hp. But something with ~6k. The same with the Bandit leaders. They had ~7k and after nerf only ~6k.

So thats why the legacy thralls also have that bad/low HP pool now.

WHY it is so low, is again just guessing: But probably because thralls could be way to OP then. Imagine a bearer starts with 9.9k HP… What would a level20 have then :smiley:

And as thralls only have 1 HP model at the same time, bearers could get buffed with the hotfix. Because T3 bearers have the double amount of health of T4 (currently)…

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Or someone else discovered the bug and Multigun reproduced it :wink:

I would also recommend placing just a few of the new thralls and pets. They have not said when, but at some point in the near future, they will turn on the Pet/Thrall Execution feature that randomly kills off your pets/thralls over the total limit of around 60 (or a little higher the bigger the clan). You are better off having the ones killed off be your old ones. However, if you know where all your thralls and pets are placed, you could manually start culling the herd and manage it on your own. That way you wont lost any gear on them.

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As I am a developer myself: A bug only counts, when you can reproduce it… :smiley:
But yeah, also big thanks to you for discovering it :slight_smile:

And all the complains about reddit… This movement thing is the biggest complain there.

Also there is a skeleton (PET!) who has 2hp now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I need to get on that subreddit and follow it more. Is the skele pet with 2hp a legacy one or a new one created after the update?

Probably old, because it needs some time to “craft” them. But the HP model should not be different for old or new thralls/pets.

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