Retroactive thrall balance

I have thralls in my testlive server that were the prior to the update, they still have the original damage modifiers. Is this intended or will they be balanced also?

EDIT: My Cimmerian Berserker is actually 4.02

I’m guessing they can’t/won’t be changed retroactively. It is one thing to change the stats on a base thrall that is just spawned, but another to change the stats on one that has leveled up - especially with the attributes gained and different perks.

I hope so

From what I had placed on TestLive, if not mistaken, the damage was kept but the HP was nerfed for the legacy thralls. @Meramusa can you check his hp, if you remember what was before?

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I can confirm that health changed but damage did not.

Live edition

Testlive edition


Actually: If HP gets balanced already, why was that never possible for legacy thralls to become leveling ones?

Funcom is not really in a good spotlight currently…

Weird, I have no idea why my Berserker increased then. If it’s a bug I hope it gets checked and fixed. Thanks Wak

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