Janos seems broken with extremely low damage

Game mode: PC Online
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE-Conflict
NA Official

Janos currently has about 55% of Lian’s damage, consistently. Before the thrall nerf, Janos had slightly more damage than Lian, which made perfect sense since he is a random spawn and Lian is always up at a fixed spawn spot.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Hi @AlexisX, we’ll bring this up with the developers to determine if this change was intentional or not.


Are both Janos and Lian newly tamed? If you compare an old thrall to a new one, they would be different, yes because the legacy thralls kept their old higher damage modifiers.


Hello, I am completely astonished about that. Never really noticed the difference…
Is this relevant for all patches? Or only the last big thrall nerf?

Hi, R4nd0m, yes, this has happened in the past. Also, existing thralls were reduced (remember the Bandit Leader?).

It appears to be the complexity of changing existing vs changing new that affects which way the devs went. It matters little, because attrition will eventually take over. Wipes, deaths, etc, will slowly kill off the existing ones and all will be in balance, for at least 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

You can compare old to new by following this process on this page.





Are you sure about that? I assumed all existing thralls got changed retroactively this time around. I know for sure that every one of my placed thrall had their HP nerfed retroactively.

Yes, the hp got updated retroactively but not the damage multipliers.
image - my old lvl 17 Dalinsia

image - my old lvl 4 Berserker

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Thank you Jim for your response and all the amazing work you and the wiki team do! It´s so great to have the wiki and all the detailed information available and updated. Very much appreciated!

I know this gem and make regular use of it. My question was not so much about the changes to thrall stats themselves but (a bit off-topic) about the question if it makes any difference when the thrall was tamed (not deployed).
For an example: I have some Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers in boxes, even from summer 2019. If I deploy them, they will always have the actual stats. Only already deployed thralls can keep old stats I think? (That would be the reason why I can´t put down any Vathis the Hierophant any more :wink: )

Probably it was a misunderstanding and we were talking about already deployed thralls from the beginning.

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Oh shoot, my Vathis army is going to be useless if I return?

I am pretty sure that the boxed ones will get the new nerfed stats. Mine were already placed.


Hehe, you will have a totally unkillable army of ghost thralls! :slight_smile:
But let´s keep them vaulted for some more patches, who knows what happens? And besides - I consider Vathis one of the best gifts available in the game - if you try to deploy him, he simply disappears totally. Who said, there´s no magic in game?

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Narelle is correct. From testlive prior to release, any boxed thrall got the new stats. Any placed thralls retained the old ones.

Same page now?



Thx, how odd.

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