How about some transparency?

Care to elaborate on this a little? Does this mean you’ve fixed the hate list so thralls won’t randomly lose hate anymore or is this some jargon given to give people hope that things might actually get better?

I like the damage reduction on thralls, as I’ve stated in previous posts, it needed to be done. The reduction in HP however… That is a completely different story. HP hits of 33% or higher is WAY too much. It needs to be about 20% max.

There needs to be a reason to actually farm those rare high end thralls as well. Some of these things take DAYS to get. Why should they be nerfed more than lower end thralls?

Also why do thralls take fall damage or lava damage at all? This is an issue that has needed to be addressed for quite some time now. Still currently thralls are dying from all damage of which you have no control over. In addition, horses should only take fall damage if you are riding them.

Much like other people have stated. A LOT of the bosses in dungeons need to have their damage decreased. We have all already been punished enough for spending money on your game. Stop doing the fixes that continue to screw over players first.

If you can’t do all the changes at once then make the game more reasonable for the players before you nerf the stuff that allowed us to actually survive in the high end dungeons.


Hey @Rashaka

No, if you followed the patchnotes from the latest update, we added changes to how the AI identifies threats. This caused a lot of issues with World NPCs attacking each other in circumstances where that shouldn’t happen, i.e. gazelles attacking other wildlife, human NPCs attacking allied factions.
The number of individual AI entries is big enough and the fix common enough for it to not warrant a different entry for each one. Please note we’ve also fixed similar issues in the past couple of hotfixes with similar wording.

Closing this thread as it is not feedback to report an issue.