Hate list is not fixed in this patch as stated - Volcano Thralls broken

The npcs are not fixed at the Volcano, all over the volcano they are fighting each other. If you could please tell me what ones were fixed so I can test them??? As the Bearer in Set city is also still broken.

TESTLIVE - Single player = NO MODS

I am not cloaked but not one of them seemed to want to bother with me at all, to busy killing each other.

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Yup still that way for me also on test pve.

I still don’t understand how could they manage to do this.
Looks like they did THE OPPOSITE they wanted(?) to fix.

So it seems bug reports are not answered on Test live, on third day and no answer on what thralls were fixed by the test live patch or no note that this is being looked into or nothing?

@Ignasi if you could please tell me what thralls were fixed from the hate list as I still am finding all the same ones broken. If you would give me a bit of direction so can test more then the still broken volcano, Set City, Wine Cellar thralls???

I got an answer… NPC-fighters in the gas-fields at the volcano dont like other NPCs

The team will look into it… So its only a matter of time :smiley:

Thank you, your report was before the new patch which I am sure helped them to understand what thralls were broke but the test live version was suppose to fix the hate lists but I have tested and found none of them even though the patch notes say they are fixed, no they are not fixed.

Just trying to get some information on what ones were fixed as so far I have found none that are fixed. All the of the ones you reported 18 days ago are still broken even with the patch saying fixed.

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Ok… Didnt see that the testlive patchnotes listed them as fixed.

Well, then its even more disappointing. :frowning:

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I think what they were trying for is the environment interacting with each other in a virtual active world. IE, a fighter would not just ignore threatening wildlife, and vice versa. But it is buggy, and needs to be tuned. I like the fact NPC’s are just waiting for me, aka Truman Show. It does need tuning to acknowledge my presence when i arrive. But it also allows for “sneaking” thru if you do not want to engage, and just want to farm gold/ash/obsdian.

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