NPC-fighters in the gas-fields at the volcano dont like other NPCs

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [EU]

The one fighter at the entrance of the gas fields (Terrace of the Tenders) and the one in the gas-fields are hostile to other NPCs.
They attack the other passive NPCs and even the fighters at Shrine of the Oracle.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Run past the fighter at the entrance of the gas-fields (when coming from the Shrine)
  2. As the new patch the NPCs will follower you longer
  3. See that his aggro shifts to other passive NPCs and proceed to kill them
  4. See that the other fighter also turns hostile to the cook next to him. They 2 dont attack each other, but turn aggro on me again.

@Hugo just for general info: Are you looking into all bugs/threads, which are posted or only into that one, where you have posted a reply?

Hi @jot29, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll send note to the team.

We always look at all threads and reply whenever possible.

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It looks like at the black galleon there is also some bug between the pirates.

Was running down from the stone BG and the bearer was a T4. I had several NPCs from the boat behind me.
My thrall had the Lovetap.

As the pirates and we fought, I saw his health going down…
Well as my HP also got fast down, I ran away. After healing I found his corpse…

So maybe take a look at the black hand Pirates too. Or maybe they didnt like a T4 bearer?

The fix Carpenter spawn will also start fighting with the fighters - but I think the fighter started it. Like at the gasfields.

Next to the spider spawn at the volcano.

Also this thing is not attackable with thrall commands and you can put it in your inventory - again:

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