'Pure' combat thrall stats have been updated on the wiki, comparison available

Pure combat thralls (Archers and Fighters) stats now reflect the current stats post-update. Entertainers and Bearers are still in work, to be completed soon :tm:.

Direct links are below.

Not necessary, scroll past if uninterested for the link …
In addition, you have the ability to compare your favorite (or any) Thrall changes via the following process:

Go to the particular Thrall’s page and click History -
You are now in the back-end of the wiki and will see a list of edits -

Look for the Stat update line and select the radio button on the right, along with the previous edit on the left, then click Compare selected revisions.

The old stats are on the left in red, the new stats are highlighted in blue on the right. As far as we can tell, only four stats were affected, as shown. Due to software limitations, the data cannot be presented as a list.

Since some pages also had maintenance in the same edit, you may have to scroll down.

Direct link:
Click [Expand] for the full list.

If you are only interested in Archers or Thralls, click
Main article: [Archer (thrall)]
Main article: [Fighter]

Please report or edit any incorrect stats, but note that these are new spawns only, not existing, placed Thralls. YMMV.




Interesting data. Looks like some long-time favorites received quite the drop.

It’s curious to see that Purge-only thralls still have a lower damage modifier than their non-Purge colleagues, but higher hitpoints. And a curiously large number of Fighters who have a higher ACC modifier than STR modifier.

Thanks for your hard work, as always. This is a great help for us Pokémon-players.

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