Question about updates

i play on singleplayer co op and i was wonder how the game updates and fixes effects my game…
do i need to make a new game after every game update and such or its ok to just keep playing the existing saves and progress i make?..

Just keep on playing. It probably won’t ever happen again, but if there ever comes a time where a patch is recommended to start new characters and playthroughs, Funcom will let us know. The last time this happened was when 1.0 released on May 8th, 2018.

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As Multigun said you can continue playing the same character. If you use mods in your game then they need to be checked and updated by the mod creator after each change Funcom makes to the game … and you will need to get the updated version of the mod. Often mods get affected by the hot fixes and patches and will stop working or cause strange bugs. If the mod author stops updating their mod and it gets affected by a patch/fix then you will have to uninstall it and play without it … depending what the mod did this might affect your game negatively.


I always back up right before each update. As some times “known issues” that are fixed in server based games trickle over to single player (things like all you stuff disappearing) there is usually a work around for this however I know first hand that the current test live build caused my whole base to lose large numbers of my crafting stations, thralls, and made large portions of my primary workshop visually there but not physically there. It was suggest that you could admin warp away and come back to fix the issue but I uninstalled Test live before testing it.

Because that is the current build it is possible that it could occur when it comes to live. Which is why I always recommend backing up. I also recommended leaving your base going to a safe location and exiting outside of the draw distance of any of your structures and back up in that state.

It shouldn’t be needed but as on vanilla settings base building can take a huge amount of time it is a good best practice. (I’m at 98 hours in the current game I’m only on level 45 (thanks to the XP bug) and only have one wall built beyond my workshop and most of the court yard. (which has enough space for the map room.) )

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