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hi, I would like to receive information about the new update: I have a private server with many constructions of some of my players who are wondering if they will lose everything. obviously, paying the server for me would be a damage since, unfortunately, I would lose everything, both my players and all the work done in these 6 months. could I get an answer to my question? a thousand thanks

I would back up the server prior to 3.0. So, if something happens, you have a backup to go back to and use.

None of the vanilla (game items) should be lost, although anything could happen, which is why we backup the servers just in case so odd issue appearing.

If you have mods, that is a different story, pending if the mod breaks or not. If a mod breaks, then hopefully it will get updated, otherwise, yes anything made with the mod will be lost once you remove the mod from the server. Granted there is a way to replace said modded items with other items to avoid losing the base / properties. There are instructions related to that on Dudes and Better Builders Bureau discords. Note, I have used it for 3 of my servers when Dudes original mods was lost. I know another server admin used it for Cathedral mod that was lost prior to Dudes. So it works, but just takes a bit of work on the admin to do.

We know a few, if not many mods will require updating. It may take a couple of days before the mods are updated so patience will be key for all.

That is all I can say. Multigun gives an explanation as well, although some of his response is tailored to the OP question.

(Do I have to update to 3.0 as soon as it's released? - #2 by Multigun)

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I have a ps4/5 server. I’ll take your advice, I’ll make a backup a few days before the day of the announcement. so that I can satisfy all my players

Ah, then you should be fine with a backup in case of emergency. I do not foresee anything being lost in the vanilla version of the game.

How did this rumor started?
The only changes readind is in some caves that sorcery knowledge will be added.
Please read this recap and join this thread to ask directly this question, I believe that the answer will be similar to mine.

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