Private server MoDs



Any word on MoDs auto updating to a server running them or Auto downloading for Players joining said server? currently having to FTP mod updates everything time an author makes a change or correction get tedious. even more so for players if they don’t understand how to setup the load order.


All we know at this point is “it’s coming.”

Which I am very much looking forward to, considering how much grief my own server’s been giving me with mods lately.


I stopped loading mods all together because they killed my population, too many people didn’t know how to handle them. I will revisit them once this get put in hopefully revitalize the server I dropped it down a pvp with no building damage just to keep the few regulars I got. got some pretty good builder at least make fun things for me to check out.


Yeah, I’m not even gonna try to get anyone to play on my server until the mod loader drops.

I could go straight vanilla but at this point I’m just too addicted.


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